Doctor Referral + Breast Implant Revision

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Pectus Excavatum/Implant Specialist? Suggestions to Gain More Space Between Breasts and Create Graduated Cleavage? (photo)

I don't like that because of the natural curve of my chest,there is a lack of space between my breasts. This has always been the case, even when I was... READ MORE

Who is the Most Experienced Plastic Surgeon Who Specializes in Breast Augmentation Exchange and Mesh Inner Bra Placement?

I need to know who is the best breast implant revision specialist is who is excellent with mesh slings in the US. I know that this is an art and that... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Dr That Specializes in Extra Large Breast Implant Revision?

I need my implants fixed I have saline 1700cc and one has capsule contracture and the left is bottomed out due to tissue. I need alloderm, mastoplexy,... READ MORE

I Need a Dr Specializes in Pear Shaped Breast Implants?

I have had Round implants as well as Pear shaped implants I perfer the pear shaped inside my body with my bone structure it looks Much better on me ,... READ MORE

Need an Expert on Implant Exchange Larger to Smaller? (photo)

Presently have 550 cc high profile after revision 15 months ago from 350 cc. Had capsulectomy both implants pocket switch from over to under muscle... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Doctor Who Specializes in Breast Revision Michigan

My right breast is a lot higher, has a band between the center of the breast and nipple, Hard feeling. Line across the center of chest connected to... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Implant Revision

Saline gel implants over the muscle. was thinking a partial under the muscle. however its the scars that bother me the most around the nipple. So im... READ MORE

Need to Downsize/revision with Capsullorhaphy and Need to Seek Additional Consultations? (photo)

I have 400cc implants & would like to downsize to just fill out my preop breasts. Im a DDD now and WAY too large. I am seeking a few consultations... READ MORE

I Have Symmastia and Want to Find a Surgeon in California to Do a Breast Revision, As Well As Put Larger Implants In? (photo)

I had my first breast aug in June 2010-450cc HP Saline filled to 480cc,under muscle-symmastia occurred. 2nd surgery- March 2011=425cc HP Silicone OVER... READ MORE

Need a Recommendation for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Maryland/DC Area for Breast Augmentation Revision? (photo)

Breast augmentation in 06 (saline 300cc). Within 6 months my left implant ruptured so I had both replaced w/silicone implants of similar size. Since... READ MORE

I Need a Revision and Can't Find a Doc in my Area? Double Bubble and Snoopy Boobs? (photo)

I've looked and looked and looked. I've looked at ps websites and seen the revisions that they have done and I gotta tell ya the results weren't what... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision, Cannot Find Right Surgeon? (photo)

I am in a terrible dilemma. I had a BA in 6/21/11. right implant bottomed out. Do not trust PS any longer and found out he's not certified by the... READ MORE

Surgeon Referral for "Difficult Cases"? LARGE Implant Removal, Lift. OKC/DALLAS Area

In 2002, I had my first breast augmentation. Due to bad scarring I opted to go with very large implants instead of a lift. I have saline McGhan 850CC... READ MORE

Leaking Saline Implant - Surgeon in Toronto Needed?

I have a difficult case here. My Saline implants were put in nearly 6 years ago under the muscle underarm. There has always been a some level of pain,... READ MORE

Highly Regarded PS in Memphis, TN

I am looking for a highly regarded plastic surgeon in the Memphis area for possible rhinoplasty and revision breast surgery. I'd really like some... READ MORE

I am "Bottoming out" and need Pocket revision. Any recommendation?

Looking to correct low sitting implants. They are also a bit far apart. Original doctor says that nothing can be changed bc of my original breast... READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor in Chicago Area for an Implant Revision.

I have 10 years old saline implants and I am looking for a plastic surgeon with experience in implant revisions in Chicago area. I would like to... READ MORE

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