Discomfort + Breast Implant Revision

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What Can Cause Pain/discomfort in Breast 9 Years After Breast Augmentation? Do I Need to Replace my Saline Implants?

I have had pain/discomfort in my left breast steadily for over 3 mos. I have saline implants (under the muscle) for 9 yrs now. There's no apparent... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Breast Implant Repair if I Have Had Them for over 30 Years?

I was told it is called capsulated. It is very hard and sometimes discomfort. It is also emotionally debilitating as I am aware of it 24 hours a day.... READ MORE

What Are Early Sings of a Hematoma or Capsular Contraction?

I had my 350cc saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone high profile implants about 2 weeks ago. My left one feels great. I cant even tell i had... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision 1 Year Ago, Recently Noticed my Natrelle Silicone Has Become Painful and Uncomfortable?

About One Year Ago I Had Replacement Surgery Because my Silicone Implants of 20+ Years Had Ruptured and They Replaced Them with the Natrelle silicone... READ MORE

Are polyurethane breast implants difficult to remove and replace?

I had a breast revision after 22 good years (Natrelle ) my surgeon replaced then in January with Slimed polyurethane implants They have been placed... READ MORE

Leaking Saline Implant - Surgeon in Toronto Needed?

I have a difficult case here. My Saline implants were put in nearly 6 years ago under the muscle underarm. There has always been a some level of pain,... READ MORE

Overnight Hardened Breast? (photo)

I've seen doctor,got antibiotics,pain is gone but breast is still bigger and hard.Just feel discomfort if i lay onto my breast-feel pressure and if i... READ MORE

Breast Plant Out of Place/ Dropping?

I'm so upset. I saw my PS today to be completely honest how I felt about my left breast. It feels loose and heavy compared to the right. My right is... READ MORE

Capsularraphory on R Breast Due to Bottom Out, One Week After I Fell with Immediate Discomfort, Could Internal Stitches Tore?

I had capsularrophy on R breast due to bottoming out laterally and implant slipped below inframammory fold. I had virtually no pain after... READ MORE

Is my (dome shaped) implant upside down? How could this be fixed? (Photo)

8 weeks ago i had a capsulectomy and my breast is now alot saggier and a strange shape causing discomfort as well as an awful appearance. ..how could... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - Smaller

I had 270CC, high profile, submuscular PIP implants back in 2005. The result took me from a 30A, to a 30DD/E. Despite being told they would be a full... READ MORE

9 months post BA I can feel ripples in my implants and in the last month breasts feel tighter with some discomfort. (Photo)

I have sub muscular implants with very little breast tissue, I had first op 17 months ago but had to have correctional surgery after 8 months as my... READ MORE

My Implant Has Dropped Lower Than the Other and is Causing Some Discomfort?

After having my implants for 4 years I've now noticed one has suddenly dropped a lot lower than the other, I can clearly feel a lump and it is causing... READ MORE

Is it common to fat graft before an implant exchange?

I'm having a surgical revision of my breast reconstruction due to capsular contracture in one breast and overall discomfort of shaped implants. The... READ MORE

I had bi-lateral mastectomy/implants after cancer in 1984. They were replaced after rupture in 1996. Can they be changed?

Since then their shape has distorted and I have occassional discomfort especially on the right side. Could they need to be replaced. My plastic... READ MORE

Last October I had replacement implants put into the old pockets. What should I expect ?

Now I have a hard ridge under my right breast. Very easy to feel. No doubt about it. It's kinda lumpy. Have had discomfort in both breast. Left Breast... READ MORE

I had breast implants changed in September as one was leaking. Months later it's uncomfortable wearing a bra. What should I do?

My chest keeps feeling tight and like it being crushed stopping ME from everyday lifestyle. What you suggest I should do??? READ MORE

Can the skin heal on its own after this? Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue without removing the implants?

I noticed the issue a few weeks after my BA revision. Skin was thin and you could feel the implant fold. There is no infection or pain and everything... READ MORE

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