Deformity + Breast Implant Revision

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Snoopy Dog Deformity, 3 Post Op- What Can I Do? (photo)

I had 600CC mentor HP cohesive implants unders 3wks ago, replacing 450CC saline over I've had for 18yrs. The deformity is FREAKING me out. MY PS... READ MORE

Recurrence of Muscle Contraction Deformity with Breast Implants

I recently had a breast augmentation revision to correct several problems, including muscle contraction deformity. The surgeon used 400cc MPP silicone... READ MORE

What is this Deformity From? (photo)

I have posted more photos of the side views. I am fairly young, had a lift on the right, and had 150cc in the R & 250cc in the L, both under the... READ MORE

What is the best revision method given my BA issues? (photos)

I had my BA 5 months ago with saline 550cc HP with 530 right and 594 Left due to asymmetry in natural breasts with incision through the armpit. I... READ MORE

Double Bubble/Animation Deformity. 2 correction options. Which one is better? I have 400CC Saline Under Muscle Implants (photos)

I know its hard to tell without being examined. But, I was diagnosed with double bubble/animation deformity by both my surgeon and a 2nd surgeon I saw... READ MORE

What is wrong with my left breast implant? Is it bottoming out? (photos)

Had my BA Sept26-2013 (9monspost op. Following my surgery was very painful then came ongoing shooting pains in mostly my left breast.went to the... READ MORE

Will I Need Surgery to Correct This Deformation of the Breast, and if So What is It? Why Did It Happen (photo)

1 week ago, I had implants changed from 280 to 240 both under the muscle. My first surgery was via the armit ( 3 yrs ago). My second one was through... READ MORE

Can a double bubble go away after implants have been removed? (Photo)

I had a revision done and it got worse. Then I had another revision with implant replacement. I still had a small bubble afterwards. I had my implants... READ MORE

Can capsulorrhaphy on a pt with very thin skin be done successfully without the use of alloderm? (photos)

I had revision surgery X2 to correct cap cont/deformity. My ps informed me that I have very thin skin and that alloderm should be used in future surg.... READ MORE

Will changing from sub muscular to sub glandular correct animation deformity?

My first augmentation was with 425 cc HP silicone. They never dropped and looked terrible with implant displacement up to clavicle. I had a revision... READ MORE

Having a revision in a month. What size should I choose? (Photo)

I´m having the implants lowered a bit and a full liftl ater on. 6 months ago i had 225 unders, siltex mod plus, cohesive gel II.they seem huge,no bra... READ MORE

Would changing my implant size to a smaller implant help fix my extreme animation deformity? (photos)

I currently have 5 year old implant. 375 cc high profile natrelle silicone implants (I am in the BIFS study). I am 5 foot tall, 120 lbs, and very... READ MORE

After a breast revision I noticed my breast is deforming under the nipple. What is happening? (Photo)

Recently I had a breast revision due to a capsular contraction, about four days ago I noticed my breast deforming under the nipple and one nipple... READ MORE

Which implant placement would best eliminate pectoral upscale deformity ?

Implant behind the fascia ? The dual plane split muscle ? Or above the muscle ? Thank you Doctors . READ MORE

Tubular breasts and animation deformity. Can I address this issue when having a revision?

I had basically no lower pole on my right breast. It was basically nipple and crease (very little breast skin underneath). I had a periaerolar... READ MORE

Which implant position is best for my revision?

My implants are currently behind the muscle . I have pectoral muscle deformity, This bothers me the most due to it being visible and deformed looking ... READ MORE

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