D Cup + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast Implant Placement Revision and Size

If I had breast augmentation with 375cc and 350cc implants over the muscle and they are removed and placed under the muscle without changing the size,... READ MORE

Double Capsule/late Seroma 2.5 Years Post Op Breast Augmentation?

Hi doctors. I have somewhat of a rare complication. I had 354cc cohesive gel textured implants over the muscle 2.5 years ago. I had zero complications... READ MORE

Had 34A to 34c, 375cc Mentor Mod+, Recently Upgraded to 500cc HP. Will This Make Me a 34D?

5'5, 120lbs, I started as a 34A to 34c, 375cc Mentor Mod+, 4 weeks ago upgraded to 500cc HP since I wanted more fullness & slightly larger.... READ MORE

Implant Exchange 9 Year Old McGhan Saline 300/330 Moderate Implants for Naturelle Silicone Moderate Implants? (photo)

Have 300 one side 330 on other under muscle. They're too big & project too much for me. I wanted to be a B & am a 32D. Surgeon suggestions 286... READ MORE

I Am 4 Feet 10 Inches. I Want Mid 32d Cup. Which Implant Size is Needed?

Height : 4 feet 11 inches. Age : 40 Ribcage : 28 inches Before : 32a After :32b / 32c Now the cup size is 2.4 inches after periolar incision of 300cc... READ MORE

What does my Dr. mean when he says I didn't have enough tissue for larger implants? (Photo)

I'm 5'11'' 140lb., and was a 36a...even smaller if that's possible! I wanted a D cup, he mentioned that 425cc was the most he wanted to go for my... READ MORE

Smaller Implants - 400cc for a D Cup?

I went in to get a bit bigger breasts , wanted no more than a D , I ended up with DD which for me is 550cc's , wayyyyyyy to big for me and I get... READ MORE

Implants Not Right Size, Was Hoping to be B Cup but am a D Cup, What Should I do?

I had repeatedly told the dr I wanted to be a small 34B and did not want others to assume I had breast augmentation via armpit.I wanted the Dr.'s... READ MORE

200cc Hp Saline Too Big After Lift? Naturally 34D....what to Do Asap Please?

1st surgery-breast lift didnt want bigger but doc put in 330cc moderate saline n I felt huge.I'm 5'7 130 pound n want sportier look no bigger than my... READ MORE

Looking to do a revision.. How much of a difference is there between 545cc and 595cc silicone for a patient of my frame? (photo)

Had 425 cc silicone, mod+ implants placed under the muscle, putting me at a very small 36D. I LOVE my surgeon's work, just unhappy about my size which... READ MORE

I am now D cup. I want to downsize after having a breast lift with augmentation - What are my options? (photo)

I got a breast lift, lollipop scar with silicon augmentation at 250cc 7 months ago. I am 5'2, 110lbs. I elected to do the surgery because I wanted to... READ MORE

Shouldn't I Replace my Implants if I'm Going Under to Have a Lift Anyway?

I am having a lift (left side only) to help correct asymmetry. Shouldn't I have my 6year old saline mod implants replaced while I'm in surgery? I... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach a Silicon Implant Reduction?

At 16 I had a breast reduction. I went to a pediatric surgeon appointed by my insurance. Years later I had severe scaring and sagging. I sought out a... READ MORE

Which size implants do I need to get to be a size D cup? (Photo)

I just had BA surgey 2 months ago but need a revision die to one not dropping .i would also like to get bigger saline implants currently I have 300 cc... READ MORE

How could I be the same size after increasing over 200cc? (Photo)

I had 330cc saline implants and was 36D. I now just got 600cc silicone implants yesterday and wearing 38D bra which is basically the same. What... READ MORE

Advice About Fixing Implant Revision?

Had my 16yr 36c implants re done 1 wk ago with hp for up pole & give me a full d cup.He put in 325c .Old ones were 225c overs, came out intact... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision. Weight Gain and Rippling?

I had my breast implants done in nov of 2003 the first time I went from 34ab to 36 d I had a capsular so I had a capsolectomey 1 year later with a... READ MORE

I Am Having my 350cc Implants Redone with an Uplift and Wondered Whether a 320 Cc Would Give Me D Cup (Ish) Boob or Smaller?

I had an augmentation done about 10 years ago and the 350 cc implants gave me DD boobs that have grown to E/EE size which is too big. My surgeon says... READ MORE

How many more cc's do I need to get a full 32D? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I am very unhappy with the size. I started off a flat A and got 325&350cc Natrelle style 20's. Under clothes I look... READ MORE

Mastopexy and Renewal of Implants. Can I Go FF Back to D?

I had implants over 10 years ago so now have booked in to have a mastopexy and new implants. At first I was a 34D but following my sons birth now a... READ MORE

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