Complication + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast Revision Nightmare (450 Cc, Silicone, Constant Pain, Still Have Symmastia/bottoming Out)

Had breast revision a month ago to correct mild symmastia, and bottom and middle bottoming out. I went to the "best" breast doctor... READ MORE

Complications of Breast Implant Replacement After 23 Years?

I have had breast implants for 23 years and developed capsular contracture on one side after 18 years, after starting to play volleyball. I need to... READ MORE

Did Breast Augmentation Revision Cause Nerve Damage?

I had breast augmentation revision, and I hate the results. Even worse, when I extend my left arm, a vein pops out from my arm pit and I can feel... READ MORE

How Complicated is the Surgery to Replace Saline Implants with Cohesive Silicone Gel?

I've had my saline implants in for 18 years and have had no complications and have been very happy with the results; however, I would like to have the... READ MORE

BA revision, (most likely) bottoming out, double bubble, lateral displacement, and muscle flexion deformity (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation performed 10/2008. I went from a big A to a DD. From my research, I had concluded that I had tuberous breasts, however; my... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Revision to Go Bigger, What’s the Complication Likelihood?

I am getting a revision from augmentation I had this Feb 2012 (In Feb 2013). I had a large lollypop lift and 200cc implants. My results are excellent,... READ MORE

Switching out Implants? Is the Surgery Time More or Less Than Initial Surgery?

I currently have implants and am thinking about switching them out for larger ones. Is this surgery more complex since I already have then? I... READ MORE

I Have 12 Year Old Silicone Implants and Am Considering Replacement Before I Experience Problems?

I'm thinking with the newer types this would hopefully be the last pair I would need. I am 43. READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts w hypertrophic scars after surgery, should i get Implant Revision? (photos)

Asian,20s.170cm,70kg.Jan2013 silimed 485cc xtra high,silicone gel filled,roundbase,polyurethan surface implant. Upper pole n under pectoral muscle, on... READ MORE

1st Breast Aug Fine. 2nd One Had Complications?

Had breast aug in 2010 all was fine then i decide i want to go 1 size bigger - had boobs done 6 weeks ago with different surgery group am 5 weeks post... READ MORE

Is There More Risks for Complications After Breast Implant Replacement if Stressed and How is the Recovery Time? (photo)

Hello i have had breast augmentation 2 years ago. the implants are 300cc both sides anatomical placed in dual plane position via periareolar incision... READ MORE

What Have the Results Been for Patients That Replaced Their Subglandluar Implants with Implants in the Subfascia Position?

What have the results been for patients that replaced their subglandluar implants with implants in the subfascia position? Specifically, for implants... READ MORE

Revision, 330cc saline to 492cc silicone. What unexpected complications & type of recovery can I expect? Will they drop faster?

I am going from 330cc saline mod profile to 492cc silicone mod+ 14.0cm wide, both under. I am 5'4" and 130 lbs w a bwd of 13.5cm. I want to be bigger... READ MORE

Is There Increased Risks for Complications After Breast Implant Replacement? (photo)

Ex. More Numbness Suggestion on Replacement Size? Advised, by the lady in my surgeons office who does sizing, to go with 300cc moderate profile... READ MORE

Can you change your breast implant size a week after surgery? (Photo)

I had breast implant a week ago and are unhappy with size I have the option to get them removed from 330 implant to 255 this week. Is this dangerous... READ MORE

What determines the need for an extra support device in a breast revision going bigger? Breast tissue, previous complications?

Hi, What determines weather a person will need a support devise or not when wanting a bigger implant ? Is it mostly breast tissue or a combination of... READ MORE

I need honest professional opinions. 380HP Saline to HP500 silicone implants. What changes can I expect?

I have CC and rippling of my saline implants. I had my first BA in Jan 2014. I am athletic build 140lbs, 5'6, very narrow chest. My saline implants... READ MORE

How long after a breast implant revision with capsulectomy is it safe to get tattoos and piercings?

I really want a new tattoo and also a cartilage piercing in my ear, but I don't want to risk getting bacteria in my body and get complications because... READ MORE

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