Cleavage + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast Augmentation Redo to Bring Breasts Closer Together?

Hello. I had a Breast Augmentation 5 years ago they are 300cc mentor round saline implants that are under the muscle. They are very far apart and... READ MORE

My Hand Can Fit Between My Breasts After 339 Silicone Implants 10 Months Ago. Any Recommendations? (photo)

5'5 120lbs. Had 339 cc (Natrelle Style 15) silicone implants 10 months ago. pre-34A. post-34C. Happy with the size and shape but unhappy with the... READ MORE

Revision to Have More Cleavage? Is It Possible to Make Breast Implants Closer Together?

Hi There, I had breast implants surgery 6 years- saline, under the muscle- 300 and 340cc's. Everything went ok I must say except he said there is... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum/Implant Specialist? Suggestions to Gain More Space Between Breasts and Create Graduated Cleavage? (photo)

I don't like that because of the natural curve of my chest,there is a lack of space between my breasts. This has always been the case, even when I was... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op and Rippling and Bottoming Out? (photo)

1st BA 8 yrs ago 365cc overs, looked amazing, since had 2 babies lost size, fullness etc, I found a new PS in my area and 2 weeks ago had surgery to... READ MORE

Swollen Between Breasts 5 Months Post-op, What Could it Be?(photo)

Oct 21, I had 37 cysts removed,saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone along with a anchor lift. I have an odd bubble on my cleavage area on left... READ MORE

I want the cleavage look when my breasts are naked. What is the best implant to obtain this? (photos)

Looking 4 best inner cleavage - Saline mentor smooth round 425 cc filled to 475 cc or moderate plus 425 filled to 510I am 5'4 150 lbs, best described... READ MORE

Should I Change Implant to Low Profile to Disguise More of 'Funnel Chest' (Mild Case)? (photo)

I have recently undergone my 3rd breast surgery in 4 years and still hate the way they look. I currently have 375cc (12cm wide, 5cm projection... READ MORE

Breast Implants Were Place High to Begin With, Do I Really Need a Breast Lift? (photo)

Current pics posted previously-300cc mod profile saline implants on 5'2' 96lb frame.I found original photos.Was told they were supposed to... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Far Apart - Worth a Revision? (photo)

In January, I got Allergan HP implants, one 425 and the other 450. They're a little too far apart and I wanted some opinions as to whether or not a... READ MORE

Lateral Capsulorrhaphy?

I have 450CC implants, and I have a wide chest. I am looking to get cleavage out of my look. I have heard that lateral capsulorrhaphy could provide... READ MORE

BA 5/2012 Natrelle Teardrop Subglandular. Second Opinion For Visible Knuckling? (photo)

I had BA in May 2012 with natrelle teardrop implants 360mm subglandularly. Since healing I have palpable folds and edges in both breasts. Right breast... READ MORE

Would a Breast Implant Revision Help Correct the Gap? (photo)

I am 6 feet tall, 170 lbs, 33 ribcage, 15 BWD, broad shoulders. Got 650 HP's and as you can see from the picture, the right is to low and the left... READ MORE

Honest Opinions on my Recent BA Exchange 1/21/13? (photo)

Exchanged 450 shells Mentor mod+filled to 550/600. They were uneven. i Wanted 1 cup fuller with silicone and to have both breasts sit evenly on my... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 8 months ago. I am 5'5 105 pounds. I was a 32 C. I told the surgeon that I wanted round shaped DD's. He informed me that... READ MORE

Revision Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Hello, I am in need of reassurance. I am currently 5 days post op of my revision surgery. The goal was to achieve more cleavage and to round out flat... READ MORE

What size/projection/profile etc is recommended to achieve my desired look?

Hi there, My breasts are currently 700cc Medium Profile. They sit way too low and also too far apart. I would prefer more of a cleavage. Would it be... READ MORE

Is Cutting the Center Chest Muscle to Create Cleveage Safe?

12 years ago i went from an a cup to a c cup with a 360cc implant which look fine but have always been far apart with zero cleveage. i want to see... READ MORE

Custom Breast Implants For Revision?

I currently have 510ccs saline implants with submuscular placement, which makes it VERY difficult to achieve cleavage. I stand 6 ft tall with a broad... READ MORE

Pectus Carinatum Breast Aug, Hope for revision with cleavage? (photo)

I had a saline breast aug back in 2000 with an ENT doc moonlighting as a plastic surgeon (I know, big mistake) I have pectus carinatum. My breasts... READ MORE

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