Children + Breast Implant Revision

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Will a breast revision with HP silicone 550cc submuscular Allergan implants & skin removal achieve desired results? (photo)

I'm a 5'7"140lb. 37 year old fit Mother and had a breast lift with Allergan high profile 265cc saline implants 6 months ago. The result wasn't great... READ MORE

Sientra 305cc moderate or Sientra 325cc moderate?? (photos)

5'3", 110-115lbs, width 11.7. 4 kids breastfed Previous saline implants 400cc under the muscle measuring a 32DDD or 34DD. Have a double bubble on the... READ MORE

I have over the muscle implants. Should I replace and keep implants over? (photos)

I had C breast with slight sag before. I have had over the muscle implants for 13yrs. I've had 2 kids since then and massive weight gain. They sag,... READ MORE

My PS suggested I go with 700cc's silicone. Is that too big? I don't want complications later in life. (Photo)

I have 4500c'so saline implants that I have had for 10yrs and I have had 2 kids since then and they are starting to get ripples on the sides so I was... READ MORE

I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. Is it realistic to go to a 500 cc silicone smooth under? (photo)

I am 5' 0" 122 lb muscular 43 year old mother of three. I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. I measure 12 1/2 and 13. I am getting... READ MORE

I dread posting this picture. Should I do a stage 1 or 2 breast revision/lift with small implantation? (photos)

25 yr old breast implants with 4 children, all breast fed. My left outer saline implant has ruptured, MRI shows the inner silicone still intact. They... READ MORE

I'm 45 yrs old w/ 3 children. Would you recommend me another Breast Implant Revision? (photos)

1st surgery 2/2014high. June 2014 had right side surgery again. Same inplant Capsul was scored cut Redo ? Just remove ?not compatable ? See him... READ MORE

Should I remove all together or downsize my implants? (photos)

Hi I'm 5'2 61 kg 12 yo child got 240 cc mod 1 yr ago wanted to be a fuller B as I'm a small deflated B cup, ended up a full D.that look too big in... READ MORE

I really want a lift and wondering if the donut lift is appropriate for me? (photos)

I had implants per recommendation by my surgeon for a lift which I ended up hating because they were huge and I didn't feel comfortable. I have always... READ MORE

Trying to find the right surgeon for the look I want . Any suggestions?

Im 29 5 foot 90.lbs a mom of 4. I currently have saline breast implants 700cc i feel they have deflated.I wear a 34DD got them to look natural .I feel... READ MORE

Breast keep dropping after 2 corrections wanting to know if going bigger and under muscle will correct it? (photos)

33 years old 125 lbs 2 kids. Breast reduction 10 years ago size 32b a year and a half ago had 370cc high profile gel implants put in and to follow 2... READ MORE

Which type round or anatomical, CC, and profile? (photos)

In 2008 I had inserted 295CC round MCGhan implants, as I don't like big breasts.Although I do not want a Brest lift at this point. I am 169cm, 55 kg,... READ MORE

Do I need to know what size or brand of implant I have now before I consult with another physician?

In 2004 I had a breast lift with an augmentation. I have since had children, and need to have a lift again. I was always unhappy with the result of my... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; 15-397 vs 15-421 moderate profile natrelle implants? (photos)

Good morning, I am 5'0 115lbs. I have had large breasts (34DD/32DDD) all my life. Once I had a child and breast fed my breasts became "deflated" I had... READ MORE

Any suggestions on revision of the breasts post pregnancy and breastfeeding? (photos)

I have a child of 1,5y, breastfed for 5 months. I have implants of 400CC high profile cohesive gel under the mamar gland. After the breastfeeding my... READ MORE

For a two staged, lift and augmentation, which is better to do first?

I currently have 12 year old silicone implants above the muscle. I am planning on having them removed, having a lift (have had 4 children), and have... READ MORE

Want to be a D. Already a full doesn't know if he can make me a D?

I am scheduled for a revision in 10 days. I've had 3 kids; I am 27, 152lbs & 5'9. My 1st BA, 8 yrs ago, brought me from a very asymmetric small b to a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for benelli lift and breast augmentation ? (photos)

I currently have 300 cc's saline implants . After breast feeding 2 children I want to switch to hp silicone with a benelli lift . My surgeon suggested... READ MORE

I'm very concerned that my surgeon is still not aware-or even cares what it is I want for my revision. Any suggestion?

Revis Tues9/3/14.PS told me 1st time2/14/14, I chose reasonable,doable.He goes purely by pics &consult-no choice/trying sizers.I trusted him-great... READ MORE

What would you recommend I get after having a lift five years ago with implant and I have had another child since?

I had another child since i got this procedure. my scars got really ugly. and i would like them perky and tight again. READ MORE

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