Change + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast revision 1 month ago, and my right breast looks weird. Will it improve in time? (Photo)

I just had my revision 1 month ago because one of my breast didnt drop is been a month after the revision and my right breast is looking weird the... READ MORE

Should I change profile or brand of my implants when do breast lift revision? How do you replace permanent suture? (photo)

6 mos post op. I like breast size & shape but hate the nac issues. I think right permanent suture broke (can't feel & aerola has widened) what would... READ MORE

Change implants for smaller ones. Do you think 200 would be a good size or should I go lower than 200?

Currently I have 300 cc under the muscle, I want to replace them with 200 cc and a get a lifting. I'm petite 4,11-115 pounds. Do you think 200 would... READ MORE

What if surgeon refuses another revision?

After fifth revision as seen in picture I dwnloaded ive had four different lots of implants the fourth lot had a special coating which suited me as... READ MORE

Can you downsize implants and change profiles?

Can I downsize implants and change profile from moderate to high profile? Is this a good idea aesthetically? Is there any difference between allergen... READ MORE

Can surgery to change the implant size and type or creating more room inside help me get cleavage?

About a year ago I got 450cc silicone Natrelle style 20 implants. What can I do to achieve nice cleavage. I've tried different bras but nothing moves... READ MORE

Do breast implants change the size of the nipple?

When getting breast implants removed or placed does that also change the size of the nipple? I know kind of a weird question......Thank you doctors!! READ MORE

Should I have my High Profile Implant changed to Extra High Profile?

Had surgery 4 days ago. I am 20 years old. My ps put in Natrelle Style 20 Round High Profile Silicone 500cc by mistake instead of Natrelle Style 45... READ MORE

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