Capsulotomy + Breast Implant Revision

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How Long Does Swelling Last After Open Capsulotomy?

I had a second revision on right breast on March 17. It is still swollen and I have a small lump in the right upper outside that I noticed yesterday.... READ MORE

Recovery After Breast Implant Upsizing and Capsulotomy, Possible Symnastia? (photo)

1st BA - (420cc saline,through armpit,subpectoral)I went back to my PS bc of rippling and wanted to go larger-750cc,saline/subpectoral, but through... READ MORE

How Long Should Pain Last After an Open Capsulotomy Surgery?

I had an open capsulotomy surgery on my left breast 8 months post-op breast augmentation. It has been 12 weeks post-op the open-capsulotomy surgery.... READ MORE

Pre Breast Implant Revision: Best Way to Treat Capsular Contracture?

I have a second case of cc. My ba was 3/4/10, 371 silicon, overs. Within 3 months I developed cc. I had a capsulotomy 6/10 and then a capsulectomy... READ MORE

Open Capsulotomy Didn't Fix my Problem. What to Do Now?

I just recently (1 week to be exact) had a open capsulotomy and i was advised by my PS to use the strap for atleast 3 weeks for my left breast to... READ MORE

Capsulectomy After a Capsulotomy. Advice For Revision?

H-5'3 W-125. Very active & healthy. December 2009 Breast augmentation to a full B size with Smooth Cohesive gel implants (gummy). Under the... READ MORE

Capsulotomy for Grade II-III CC?

I was diagnosed with capsular contracture in my left breast about 4 months ago and was put on singulair, 1000 IU of vitamin e, and a antibiotic. I had... READ MORE

Pocket revision, 375HP silicone, under. Leave in or take out? Is it normal to look smaller after capsulotomy? (Photo)

Ok I'm down to the wire -with revision this week! PS not planning on removing implants-I would like to know if I'm planning on keeping same size, is... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or just continue massaging? (photo)

I had my BA almost two years ago. Saline, sub-muscular, with 370cc in the left and 380 cc on the right. A month after, PS recommended massage for the... READ MORE

Can Fat be Removed While Having a Capsulotomy?

I had 275cc mod+ profile silicone implants. I just had a revision and got 325cc mod+ profile silicone implants put in. I feel that my breasts are the... READ MORE

Closed Capsulotomy Done Breast Looks Odd? (photo)

I recently had a closed capsulotomy done on both breasts. My right breast now looks odd to me. It seems higher than my left one & does not look... READ MORE

Breast Revision? (photo)

I had breast augmentation a month ago and a couple of days after the procedure my breast were looking deform and hard. one was higher then the other... READ MORE

Capsulotomy & Pocket Revision needed (375 HP) Post 1 year- if not changing size, does implant have to be removed? (photo)

Had several in-office consults, agree on pocket PS is not planning on taking implants out ,but doing a capsulotomy with poc revision in... READ MORE

Is an open capsulotomy the answer? (Photo)

I had silicone implants a year ago. My implants are 397cc. I was 34b and now I wear a 32DD. My only complaint is that I'm not able to wear clothes... READ MORE

Capsulotomy vs capsulectomy. How can I get the best results with least amount of scarring? Incisions site is axiliary (Photo)

Hi I have decided to go with a total capsulectomy vs open capsultomy as I was told better success for reoccurring cc with the ectomy as I have... READ MORE

Would you recommend placing one implant under the muscle after reoccurring capsule contracture in one breast?

One under - one over? I am having surgery soon for capsule contracture in one breast. My original BA was placed over the muscle. One breast has been... READ MORE

Breast implant won't drop after capsulotomy. Should I be worried?

I had a capsulotomy last 2 week... I had a capsular contracture in my left breast... but now the implant still high he doesnt drop . im doing severals... READ MORE

Part II of question on Capsulorraphy, capsulectomy, capsulotomy repair without use of alloderm. (Photo)

"The use of alloderm has increased risk of seroma form and infec, & the need to use drains for a prolonged period of time. Alloderm is required to... READ MORE

Reccurent capsular contracture specialist?

My 1st surgery was on 10/13, smooth silicone unders. Implants never dropped. Capsulotomy with implant exchange followed on 2/14. Cc formed almost... READ MORE

2-weeks post-op Capsulotomy - painful and hard bottom of breast. Is something wrong? (Photo)

I had a capsular contracture in the left breast and had a capsulotomy done as part of a breast implant revision surgery. I'm concerned because all... READ MORE

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