Capsule + Breast Implant Revision

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Standard Practice to Remove the Capsule for Capsular Contracture During Revision Surgery?

I've had a 2nd opinion that at least 1 of my implants is CC'ing. I'm due for rev. sx for a lift & was told the capsules need to come... READ MORE

Would TENS Breast Massage Electrode Pads Be Helpful in Preventing Capsular Contracture?

I have CC on one breast and am going to get new implants but prefer to stay sub-mammary and not make new pockets under the muscle If it can be... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - Revise with Teardrops or Will Capsule Eventually Mature and Even out to Match the Other Breast?

Dec, 2009 I got 325cc, silicone, smooth, round implants, through armpit, under muscle. Dec 2010 the nipple on left breast started to point downwards... READ MORE

Is It Common to Reuse the Old Breast Capsule when Going Larger in Cc's?

I developed severe capsular contracture 3 days post opperation.... I am a baker 4 and in alot of pain ever since the day of surgery and I am now 6... READ MORE

What Would Happen if I Go Down from 400 to 300 Cc ?

Hello ! I have had a breast implant procedure last year . from a saggy 34 b to 400 cc's . I could not stand it from day one !!!! My surgeon asked... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Vs Breast Surgeon for Explantation?

GP has recommended a breast specialist who seems to specialize in breast cancer. I am just having removal and no replacements nor lift at time of... READ MORE

3rd Revision in 5 Weeks to Drop my Pocket and Open up Capsule, What's Wrong? (photo)

10/21/11 surgery for implants. 3 month post op, difference in the sizes, crease, & my right implant had not dropped. PS recommended a revision... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Implant Revision and Left Breast is Hard and Right Breast is Soft?

Left breast is still really hard, and my right breast is so soft that I can't even feel an implant, my right also looks like there is more implant... READ MORE

What if You Need to Remove the Capsule Years After a Capsullorhaphy?

What if you need to remove the capsule (capsulectomy/capsulotomy) years after a capsullorhaphy that was done under the muscle? Is it possible? When... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Developing Capsules After Fat Transplant OR Implant Removal and Lift?

I'm 37. Had 2 pregnancies, gained 50+ lbs w/ both. I'm now 5'3" 121lbs. Had 360cc silicone implants in 2007. Had double capsulectomy (same implants... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to a Remove the Scar Capsule when Replacing an Implant?

I want to replace very old textured saline implants for smooth silicone ones (under the muscle). If don't have capsular contraction is it better to... READ MORE

My Silicone Implant Has Ruptured and I'm Planning Explantation & Replacement. Does the Capsule Also Need to Be Removed?

I've consulted with two plastic surgeons and I've gotten two opinions. One wants to remove the capsule; the other said it's bloody, more invasive and... READ MORE

How long does it take to get rid of cellulitis after the remove your implants permanently? This surgery is my last hope.

Ello: I'm going to have permanent breast implant removal with a lift and capsule removal due to a very bad cellulitis that is not going away with... READ MORE

How Soon After BA Can I Downsize?

I recently had a Breast Revision for a capsule issue. My doctor gave me 500 cc silicone HP under the muscle, he did an amzing job EXCEPT he did not... READ MORE

Second Breast Surgery, Another Capsule. Is This Going to Be Consistent? Should I Remove My Implants?

Is the bottom line I have to go for surgery every 6 months or get rid of the implants? I'm sick to death of all this :( READ MORE

Severe capsular contracture around saline implants from 1978, Will I be able to achieve a natural feel through revision? (photo)

I had seven subsequent attemps to break the capsule in my left breast after surgery.The implants are now like hard irregular rocks under the soft... READ MORE

I had implant revision 10/29 with capsule removal? (photo)

My breasts are again asymmetric left larger than right. (previous right larger than left) what can be done to correct that?? READ MORE

I just had both of my saline breast implants replaced because my right implant deflated at the beginning of November.

My surgeon said I had a thick capsule surrounding my implant, and he said he had to release a lot of tissue. He couldn't do a full capsulectomy... READ MORE

When you have replacement breast implants, does the surgeon keep the old capsule?

I am confused as to whether the surgeon (any) keeps the old capsule surrounding the previous implant or if they remove it. I am planning a 3rd op & I... READ MORE

My right breast had capsular hardening, I got both breasts redone, in a smaller size.

I have noticed , four weeks after surgery that my right breast is lower and much softer than my left. My Dr said since he removed the hardness in the... READ MORE

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