C To DD Cup + Breast Implant Revision

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BA from Over Muscle UK 38A to 38C 7 Years Ago,Got Capsular Contracture, Would Like to Go to A Large D?

I had a BA approx 7 years ago, and went from a UK 38a to a UK 38c (300cc implants). I since developed Capsular Contracture, and am going to have them... READ MORE

Does Care Credit Cover the Hospital Expenses when Having Plastic Surgery?

Also i am 5'5" 120 lbs & i had saline implants put in 1994 360cc....which these are small i finally can get them redone & was thinking no... READ MORE

I want bigger Boobs! I recently got 400cc and now I want 600cc or 650cc. Is 600cc to 650cc too big for me? (Photo)

I got a BA a little over a year ago. I'm no happy with my results. I'm not happy because the left side is lower and has some indentations or lines... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Revision to Go Bigger, What’s the Complication Likelihood?

I am getting a revision from augmentation I had this Feb 2012 (In Feb 2013). I had a large lollypop lift and 200cc implants. My results are excellent,... READ MORE

If I Go Bigger on Implant Exchange, Will I Look Like 2 Balls Popped out of my Chest?

5'6"125.1st BA 1999 saline over.B sm C.Preop A.After kids , rippling and looks fake.Lost Info on BA so I'm not sure the CCs.Assuming 250-275s.Tried on... READ MORE

5'8", 165 lbs. I am 38C/D, 280cc saline. Can I be a 38DD with 300cc Mentor & lift?

Replacing 280cc saline with 300cc mentor under the muscle and lift. Am 38c or d. 5'8" 165 lbs could I acheive 38dd? READ MORE

From C to DD implants, Do I need pocket revision or just go smaller? Do I need lift? Can liquid be taken out to save $? (photo)

I was natural C wanted D but Dr Kadz from BH gave me DD, I dislike them very much, I have side boobs I cant ever go w/o bra, they don't compliment my... READ MORE

Currently 350 cc. After 10 years I will have my boobs re-done on Dec 12th. Will 450 cc give me DD? (Photo)

Thank You for taking the time to answer my question. I'm 5'1 and ,115 lbs, I don't have any children and I had my boobs done 10 years ago .I currently... READ MORE

How soon can one go under a revision for bottoming out after having a breast lift with implants?

I had a lift with 425cc L and 400cc R silicone back in February. C to a DD, but now a corner of the implant is protruding on the inside of my left... READ MORE

I did a breast augmentation a year and 4 months ago and I'm not happy about the size. Any suggestions?

I got 275cc silicone high profile under the muscle incision through nipple. i want to do it again but im afraid of my scar getting worse and loss of... READ MORE

Bigger implants: I got breast implants 400cc, went from a large c to a d/dd. now i want them bigger!!

Hi,  i want abourt 600cc this time. i'm 73kg so d/dd does look very natural on me! what size do you think im gonna be with 600cc? READ MORE

I got 375cc moderate plus profile saline implants in January and am looking for a revision to 480cc moderate plus saline

I'm 5'4" and 135 pounds. I got my breasts done in January 2015 and it is now September and am going in for my revision to go bigger. I have moderate... READ MORE

I'm getting a breast revision and wondering how to achieve the look I want? I have some consults set up soon (photo)

Im looking into a breast revision. I have saline implants with 375cc over the muscle. Im a 34 C.. I would like to be a 34 DD. Is there a difference in... READ MORE

Any recommendation for Bay Area plastic surgeon for 2nd Breast Augmentation?

My 1st BA was when I was 19 in AZ. I plan on getting my 2nd BA anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years. I'm looking for a surgeon to accept my form of... READ MORE

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