B To D Cup + Breast Implant Revision

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What is Wrong with my Breast Implants? How Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

Let me start off by saying, I hate my breast implants! I've had them 3 years. Before surgery I was 130lb, 5'7 and 34B. I am now 135lb and... READ MORE

Should I Downsize or Have my Implants Taken out Completely? (photo)

I had a lift w/ implants 10ms ago w/ 240cc. If you look at my full profile you will see Ive been unhappy with the size from the start. Ive given it... READ MORE

Help Choose Desired CC's Size for Me. Please and Thank You!

Age 24, 105 lbs, Petite 5'2 Asian American. I currently have 350 cc Mentor Moderate Plus Saline implants under the muscle. I believe, I am a full... READ MORE

I Am Upgrading my 200cc Saline Breast Implants. Will This Give me a D Cup?

I am having my 200cc saline breast implants replaced with 400cc gel implants, I am naturally a 32B cup. Will this give me a D cup or look too big? I... READ MORE

Change my implant from submuscular to subglandular? It is good idea? subglandular can avoid lift in a litter ptosis?

BA 6 month ago unhappy 460c under the muscle , high profile , gel silicon 32 B to 32 D high 5.2 weight 110 snoopy deformity the implant to high and... READ MORE

Will going from 500cc to a 750 have less chance of problems with bigger implants since I'm only going 250 bigger? (photo)

I am 5'9 140lbs with current 500cc saline high profile under the muscle. I was a B cup before the 500's. I am a large D now. I here about possible... READ MORE

Do You Agree with my PS? Do You Feel I Should Let It Be? Or is There a Better More Effective Method in Fixing It? (photo)

I had slight tubular breasts. I got a breast augmentation in sep.2011. I originally was a about a 34B. I got 500 cc silicone implants high profile in... READ MORE

Suggestions and Solutions for Revision-long and Square-ish Breasts Covering a Large Area on Chest Wall?

I've had my original implants since 1987 and can't locate any information about them. I assume they are low profile and have a silicone outer bag with... READ MORE

Will My Breast Even Out? Is It Too Early to See if I Need a Revision Done? (photo)

My breast are uneven after Breast augmentation. I went from 32B to 34D and they are uneven. One is high and the other is low with some indentation. I... READ MORE

500cc or 550cc to become a full D? (photo)

I used to be 34A I have 3 babies, big back, I have my surgery 1 year 6 months ago I have now 410cc high profile under the muscle gel implants I'm now... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an internal lift? Will I need a lift after getting the implants and capsules out? (photo)

I am 23 y/o and had my breast augmentation in Oct of 2012. Both breast have started to have capsular contracture and a nodule in the cleavage of my... READ MORE

I got my breast implants in April. I knew right away I wasn't happy with the size. I want a few sizes bigger but for what price?

I got 370 cc and went from a B to a D but I still need padded bras to boost them and I feel as if I spent a lot of money for results I'm not happy... READ MORE

Can I switch my moderate plus profile implants for high profile implants?

Right now I am 110lbs. 5.4" tall. Pre op I wore a 32 b cup. I had a breast augmentation and I wanted upper pole fullness and no side boob. He put in... READ MORE

I'm 570cc and not happy. I wish I had gone bigger. How long should I wait for revision? How many cc? I'm 5'2", 160 lbs.

I just had my breast Aug a month ago July 2014 . I'm 5'2, 160 pounds wide frame. I was B 36 before. I got 570cc under the muscle. At first i was able... READ MORE

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