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60 Years Old, Wanting to Replace 23 Year Old Breast Implants, Options? (photo)

23 years ago had McGhan implants. Size B & saggy. Had 320cc implanted. Contracture grade 3 & 4. Weighed 120 now weigh 145. Breasts went from C... READ MORE

Do the Benelli Lift and 300 Cc Silicone Moderated Profile Implants Work for Me? (photo)

I´m 38 year old, 5'5'' tall, and weight 123 pounds, breast size 36B. I already have 230cc silicone subglandular implants and a crescent lift on my... READ MORE

Should I Have Implants Replaced or Removed Entirely?

I had 400cc implants ten years ago and a lift. i was a 34b and went to a 34dd. Now I want to have the implants removed and go back to a B cup. Will i... READ MORE

Im Downsizing! What Size Implants Should I Get? (photo)

So, I started off w/ a small B cup. I got 240cc silicone unders and now I am a very unhappy large C/D cup, pls see my profile. my nipples got bigger... READ MORE

Currently a 36B, is 550cc to 600cc Too Big For My Frame? (photo)

I Am 5"7 160lbs Im Currently a 36B my Plastic Surgeon is Recommending 550cc to 600cc, Is this too big? would you be able to tell me an estimate on... READ MORE

Revision - From 335c/365cc to 450cc/500cc?

Hello doctors .., i want to ask you about breast augmentation .., i recently had breast implants 335cc on my left breast 365cc on my right breast i... READ MORE

Revision from 300 Ccs Mod + to 400 Ccd Hp? (photo)

I have 300 cc mod+ silicone implants under the muscle. I was hoping for a very full C/D, but I only made it to the mid C range. I was a 34 B pre BA... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision for Uneven Breasts. Desire More Symmetrical Result and Larger Implants.? (photo)

400-475cc HP Silicone? I was a 32 B prior to surgery. I have 275cc moderate plus saline unders in each breast from a 2009 surgery. My PS and I decided... READ MORE

So Unhappy with my Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my first BA 2 yrs ago. AA w/ very little breast tissue, 5'5, 115. I didn't want to look big and got 200cc's saline. I didn't realize how small... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Still a Viable Option After Loose Silicone Injections? (photo)

I've had loose silicone injections in my breasts, 80cc's in each. I'm a b cup at the moment but am not satisfied with my size. I haven't had any... READ MORE

Implants Not Right Size, Was Hoping to be B Cup but am a D Cup, What Should I do?

I had repeatedly told the dr I wanted to be a small 34B and did not want others to assume I had breast augmentation via armpit.I wanted the Dr.'s... READ MORE

I Used to Have 225 Mentor Replaced with 421cc Allergen, What Size Will I Be?

I had my BA 3 days ago, still very sore, haf them replaced due to rupture:( My first PS said he would only put a 225 mentor,The smallest implant , im... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Implant Replacement

Hello. Had implants removed (after 22 years) Felt it was overdue to change them. Had smaller implants put in, with a mastoplexy about two months ago.... READ MORE

Had 325cc Saline Under Muscle 6months Ago,was B Now Barely C. Have Little to No Cleavage. Should I Redo?

Wanted to be a good size C or barely D. But my dr seems a little conservative. Thinking about finding a new PS & getting 400-450cc. Is this a bad... READ MORE

What silicone implant size is required to go from an A to a D in a woman who is 5'5", 32 bandwidth and 127 pounds.

I am 5'5", 32 bandwidth, 127 pounds. I was given 250cc moderate profile plus implants and told they would be my desired D cup. They are a B cup... READ MORE

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