Anatomical + Breast Implant Revision

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Explantation and Fat Transfer? - Should I Reduce the Size of my Implants? 3 Years Post Op (photo)

Hi - I am very depressed by the appearance of my breasts/implants. I naturally have no tissue of my own. The surgeon has created a crease and breast... READ MORE

Help with Switching from Anatomicals to Rounds (Sizing)?

I currently have 245cc mentor CPGs. But want to switch to rounds. I am satisfied with the shape however I don't think I look "full" enough. Possibly... READ MORE

Do I Require Capsulopexy?

I want to downsize anatomical gummy bear implants from 360cc to 335cc (to a decreased diameter of implant from 13cm to 12cm). Would I require a... READ MORE

Revision for Asymmetry? (photo)

I had an original BA 7 months ago and am not fully satisfied with the results. After reviewing my pre-op photos I am aware I had some asymmetry to... READ MORE

Gummy bear anatomic implants vs cohesive smooth round - is it a tradeoff between looking natural and feeling natural?

Hi, trying to select implants for my reoperation due to capsular contracture, overly full upper pole and visible knuckling. Will move from over to... READ MORE

Reducing Implant Size and Uplift?

Last year i changed to anatomical 580cc. I really do not like like size and shape. The consultant has agreed to reduce implant size but thinks my... READ MORE

Policy on revision surgery. Originally treatment planned for hp implants that were changed to anatomical during time of surgery.

5.5 mths ago I had aug. w/ a plan of hp, a full lift R & benelli L, never discussed anatomicals. After surgery, Dr came out & told husband she went w/... READ MORE

If I replace my anatomical saline implants with "gummy bear" shaped implants do I also need to have a capsulectomy?

I was told during a consultation with a PS that the entire capsule will need to be removed if I choose the highly cohesive shaped implants so that a... READ MORE

Big implants, big problems. Will downsizing help and going to anatomical (teardrop) implant help my issue?

About a year and a half ago I upsized my 500cc implants to 600cc. They are mentors, high profile, gel, smooth. I now have no cleavage but have been... READ MORE

Are Brazilian anatomical implants soft and movable?

I have silicon round implants submuscular. About to replace them for anatomicals cause when i tense i get an unnatural round appearance due to having... READ MORE

Can I switch to anatomical implants without changing the position plan? I have round textured HP 285cc behind the muscle

I'd like to stay behind the muscle, because of the support against the implant weight. No dual plan for me. Since my implants are narrow (10.3cm), the... READ MORE

Is 500cc HP too big for me?

I am scheduled for an implant revision. I currently have 295cc anatomicals (410 MF) and they do not fill out the skin I have from pregnancy and... READ MORE

I'm exchanging round to anataomical. Should I be concerned the pocket is too big?

On Thursday I am going to have my round silicone implants taken out and replaced with anatomical Natrelle 410s. I am concerned that because the... READ MORE

Can I change from textured round to anatomical, traxillary approach, while staying behind the muscle?

I want to change my round HP textured implants to anatomical ones. The volume would be a little smaller (1 cm less projected), though the dimensions... READ MORE

5 weeks post capsulectomy and implant exchange. Breast is overly soft and saggy. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I'm 5 weeks out, from a implant exchange 375 saline, to 255 anatomical sientra. I'm very concerned at this point by the difference in appearance... READ MORE

Bigger/wider/longer/low profile/round implant needed for look I want? I have 315 anatomical textured high profile (Photo)

I posted before and found out yes they are too high. my ps has agreed to do a revision. I want a natural slope to the nipple and then a round full... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3... READ MORE

Any advice on Motiva breast implants?

I originally had natrelle anatomical implants but unfortunately the right breast implant has rotated and so am now looking to get a revision - however... READ MORE

Any experience with over the muscle highly cohesive anatomicals? (like Allergan Natrelle 510 or Mentor)

Looking for about ~300 cc Will it help prevent lateral displacement and help them stay in place? Does the texture really help stay in place? Will the... READ MORE

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