800-849cc + Breast Implant Revision

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800cc Breast Implant Replacement Possible for Second Surgery?

I had Breast Augmentation surgery in Aug'09 and went from 36A to a 36D, silicone, under the muscle. I have 550 cc's in left & 500 in right... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix the Rippling/Wrinkling on my Breasts?

Hi, i had my breasts enlarged the first time to 525cc dual plane silicone and wanted bigger so a year ago i went to 800cc dual plane silicone however... READ MORE

800 or 900cc's Too Much??

I had a BA done 2 months ago. I am 5'6" and 218lbs. I am a 40 band size. I had 500cc/520cc implanted, and as you can see from the pictures,... READ MORE

Is 800cc a Good Idea? (photo)

My first surgery was 9 yrs ago and I let ppl talk me into smaller than I am happy with. I think what I have now are 300cc saline and I want to replace... READ MORE

I Have 380 Cc Silicone Implants Would It Be Possible to Change to 800 Cc?

I am 5'7 weight 110 hoping for bigger implants double d or ddd READ MORE

Over or Under the Muscle With 800cc Implants?

Should I get my 800 cc mod+ implants over or under?? I have 500 cc mod+ now but, don't want too much dropping or sagging. I previously had 650 cc... READ MORE

Increasing Size to 800cc next week, What Size Sports Bra Do I Need?

... what size sports bra should i get? i have had 3 enlargements already but im sure that 200cc increase gave me a 3 cup size increase but all the... READ MORE

I hate the look of my 800cc implants. What should I do? (photo)

I started with 650silicone being unhappy with the sagging look I found the 2nd surgeon and showed him pics of the look I wanted he said in order for... READ MORE

Wanting to go up to an 800 cc high profile? (photo)

I currently am 5"7 and 138 lbs but have a narrow chest that is kinda pigeont shaped. I have 600cc ultra high profile implants but want to swap out for... READ MORE

Is 800cc Filled to 925 Gonna Give Me my Desired Look?

My last surgery i got a breast lift with a moderate plus implant filled to 600cc. And they came out to be a lot smaller than I wanted projection... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Explanted and Lifted in Same Procedure, Why the Conflicting Opinions?

I have 800cc mentor smooth round implants placed over muscle. One PS said I would be a tough case and referred me due to the fact I have severe... READ MORE

What size/projection/profile etc is recommended to achieve my desired look?

Hi there, My breasts are currently 700cc Medium Profile. They sit way too low and also too far apart. I would prefer more of a cleavage. Would it be... READ MORE

Would 800cc+ be too big for my frame? (photos)

Hello, I have asked a few questions on this site in the past, and was hoping over the passing months I would feel happier with my boobs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

I was wondering if the amount of CC's I recently upgraded to will give me the full look I want. (photo)

I'm 5'5, approx. 125lbs. With the 475cc round mod plus saline implants that I upgraded from, I did not feel very proportionate still and wanted to... READ MORE

Will I have to pay a lot for breasts to be redone? And how soon can I have them? (photo)

I've just had my breasts done 9 weeks ago.. The swelling has gone down and they are just not big enough! I had a look in mind and its not what I... READ MORE

Overfilled to 810 cc bilaterally. Could I have gotten a larger implants? (photos)

I had a breast implant exchange on Jan 3, 2014. I had 700 cc Mentor Moderate Plus Profile overfilled to 810 cc. I wanted to go as large as possible... READ MORE

I'm 5'8, 160lbs with 800cc implants under-the-muscle. Will a revision with implants over-the-muscle, make them appear bigger?

1st I got at 220lbs 450ccs over the muscle, 2nd set 600ccs UNDER the muscle at 160lbs (I began teaching fitness and lost it) and I recently got 800ccs... READ MORE

Can you get 800cc silicone implants to replace 1st breast aug? My 600cc seem small.

Can u get 800cc silicone breast implants 1st time n will they b large r do i have to stretch out skin 1st to get ultimate results READ MORE

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