8 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Revision

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Do I Have Bottoming out and Double Bubble? (photo)

I had tubular breasts and got 325cc implants overs in 2005 a few months after i went to get my areolas reduced in the hope it would fix my double... READ MORE

Implant Size/type for Revision to Go Smaller and Avoid Bottoming out in 50 Yo? (photo)

Surgery 2004. 400 saline mods o/f to 425, 34DD. 5’ 7,” 125-130 lbs. size 4, large ribcage (32”), broad shoulders. Left implant... READ MORE

I Have Saline Implants for 8 Yrs Now and Develop Encapsulation, Does Complete Capsulectomy Means Creating a New Pocket? (photo)

Exchange implants from saline to silicone. If I downsize from 360-300 would I have too much excess room? Do I need strattice to decrease the incidence... READ MORE

Considering Breast Implant Revision/Tubular Deformity? (photo)

8yrs ago I had a BS to correct tubular deformity. I had 270cc saline placed over the muscle w/ no lift. At first my nipples still "puckered out" over... READ MORE

What Kind of Lift Do I Need with my Breast Revision?

My implants are HP saline under the muscle done in 2005, a revision from my over the muscle saline implants from 2000. I am looking for more lower... READ MORE

Wanting to Replace 8 Year Old Saline Implants, What Are Good Options?

I got my breast implant in 2004. the implant material is not silicon. it's some kind of saline solution. They were ok at the beginning but... READ MORE

Can the scar-tissue be separated from the muscle and not have an indent at the incision sight? (photos)

I had implants put in eight years ago. The muscle adhered to the scar-tissue causing pain when using my arm and an achy feeling most of the time. The... READ MORE

Implant Exchange, Going Smaller. (photo)

Hi, Had 350/375 cc saline implants done 8 years ago. Bra size is 32DD (34C prior to implants), 120 lbs, 5'4" athletic, 34.5" bust, 28" ribcage, 27"... READ MORE

12 Year Old Implants Acting Up I Think Due to Weight Gain?

I had a full lift and silicone implants in 1990 and then had them re-done on advice no cause again in 2004 now I just gained 45 lbs. 6 months ago,... READ MORE

Deflation of saline implants while breastfeeding, with intent to explant after weaning. How long can they be left in?

Have 8 y/o saline implants under muscle.Since successfully nursed 1st child up to 20 months,currently nursing 2nd child at 11 months.I'm 1 cup size... READ MORE

Should I be compensated for a faulty implant?

I had my implants replaced after 8 years because one had ruptured and when the dr removed the implant he advised me it was pretty smashed up and torn... READ MORE

I had breast reduction and implants about 8 yrs ago. Implants coming out from muscle. Can you recommend a good doctor?

I have been seen in ER hospital due to pain. Please email any suggestions to  I went bk to Dr Ganghi new jersey and wants to charge 14 thousand... READ MORE

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