7 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Revision

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Going from 425 mod profile to 600-750 hp? (photo)

I am 7 months post op, and went for my pre-op revision yesterday.  I am looking to have a much fuller look with more projection.  When I... READ MORE

Breasts Too Large After Implants/lift.

I had a breast aug/lift 7 mos ago. At that time I was wearing a D bra, but PS told me that they were "surgically a C". I told him a small DD... READ MORE

Tear to Breast Pocket?

I had a BA a year ago however the implants were too wide for my frame so I had a revision 7 months ago. All has been fine until 4 weeks ago when I had... READ MORE

The Asymery of my Breasts and the Tissue Pulling Looks Awful and is Very Uncomfortable, How To Fix? (photo)

I am 5´5inches, weigh 120lbs. Augmentation 7 months ago. Under muscle, silicone 295cc. projection 5. I have noticed stretching and or dimpling... READ MORE

Wondering if I Should Have Gotten Over the Muscle Implants Instead, Is it Possible to Switch Placement During Revision?

About 7 mnths ago, i had 410 unders. I was also offered 460 or 510 overs, i really wanted the 460 overs, but i was told my my surgeon they can ripple... READ MORE

I Need a Pocket Revision Due to Implants Falling Down my Sides, Would I Be Better off Switching to Textured Implants?

I had a full breast lift and augmentation done 7 months ago, my implants are falling under my arms causing awkward shapes breast, dents, and... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Overfill Implants 7 Months Post-Op?

Hi, I now have 7 months with my implants and Im not happy with them because I still have some extra skin. I went to seee my dr and he said that he can... READ MORE

Surgeon Put Bigger Than I Asked & Now Saying if I Want Smaller, I'll Have to Pay for New Silicone. What Should I Do?

I wanted a Very small implant. I made it clear I wanted 160 cc - 200 MAX. He pushed for going slightly bigger saying I would want bigger. I made it... READ MORE

I am 5'2, 110lbs. I want to downsize after having a breast lift with augmentation - What are my options? (photo)

I got a breast lift, lollipop scar with silicon augmentation at 250cc 7 months ago. I am 5'2, 110lbs. I elected to do the surgery because I wanted to... READ MORE

7 months post op, my breast are not even. Do I need revision surgery? (photo)

Hello , I'm worried about my Breast. I'm thinking that I need some type of revision surgery. I had my breast done about 7 months ago . They are both... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation with Saline 7 months ago, I need a Capsulectomy. Is it necessary to replace the implants?

I had a breast aug (saline) 7 months ago and unfortunately I have to have a Bil .capsulectomy done. Do I have to replace my implants? On a scale... READ MORE

I'm very concerned with my right breast and the bottom fold where my incision line is. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had a revision 7 months ago. I went from a 250cc saline moderate unders to 650cc silicone high profile. On my right breast where the incision... READ MORE

How long should it take to do a breast revision? My operation only took 46 minutes. Any chance the surgery was rushed?

When I read my operative notes it only took the doctor 46 minutes from the first cut to the last stitch to switch saline to silicone, Benelli lift on... READ MORE

Should I have a Breast Implant Revision surgery?

I got 375cc moderate plus mentor gel implants 7 months ago. I'm not happy with my results. I wish I'd chosen a bigger implant and high or ultra high... READ MORE

Would replacing right breast with smaller implant correct asymmetry? (photo)

Had saline high profile implants inserted 7 months ago. 290 left / 370 right. Pre-augmented my left breast was 1 inch lower than right and had sagging... READ MORE

Why are drains used in Breast Augmentation vs the traditional no drains? Is this a better method?

I am going to have a breast revision due to capsular contraction and wanting to go from a 380CC saline to 450CC silicone. I am a bit curious as to why... READ MORE

Tight Implant, Contracture? (photo)

7 months post op on a BA revision switched from 525cc Saline to 550 HP Silicone b/c ruptured implant. After 2nd BA left breast has never felt right..... READ MORE

I want bigger implants ! Is it possible with my frame? (Photo)

I was 32B/34A before surgery (see photo) and now I'm a 32 DDD(Victoria secret size). I have 450 cc silicone implants. Could my frame handle 550 or 600... READ MORE

Should I be charged for redo surgery? What's your opinion on the variety of issues with my breasts? (Photo)

Hi I got my breast Augmentation April this year, to me it was not a great experience and still concerned. I feel like my breasts look about the same... READ MORE

My implant feels like it is folded and coming through near my areola.

Old implants replaced in October of 2013. Left implant had ruptured and had to be scooped out. It didn't hold well and had more surgery February 2014... READ MORE

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