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650-699cc + Breast Implant Revision

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Is 650cc Silicone too Big For My Frame? 5'8, 133 lbs, have 390cc Now.

I have 390 saline cc and Im going to get them redone on March 22nd. I wanna go silicone and 650. Is that to big? Im 5'8 and 133 pounds. Im tall,... READ MORE

I Am 5'9/135 PS Suggested 650cc High Profile? Will I Look Like a Stripper?

I currently have 500cc mod. profile plus silicon. I do not look big at all. I would like to go up a cup size. I would like more projection, but am... READ MORE

How Do I Know if 650cc is too Big for Me? (photo)

Thanks for all the doctors advice. I went to my doctor and told him I want to go 650 cc and he said thats big. But when I tried on a 350cc implants... READ MORE

Why Do my 650cc Hp Gel Implants Look Small?

I had implants a year ago 425 overfilled to 475cc. i am three days post op with my second surgery and i chose 650cc high profile gels. why do they... READ MORE

Can Internal Sutures Create a Fake Look From A Natural One? (photo)

I got 650cc Mentor Mod+ shells overfilled to 800cc, under the muscle, in February 2012. I started with a perky small B cup. I wanted an obviously fake... READ MORE

Revision to HP or Mod Plus? (photo)

Currently have 650 HP (Allergan #20) Bottomed out and wide gap. For revision should I stick with HP or change to Mod Plus? How many cc's? Was told BWD... READ MORE

Will 650cc Implants Make Me Look Fuller?

I had my first breast augmentation at 19 was a 32aa I had 410cc implants under muscle and had to wear the band at the top for 3 weeks, now they just... READ MORE

650cc Implants and Benelli Lift 9 Years Ago - Revision Suggestions?

I had 650cc gel implants and a Bennelli lift done 9 years ago. I am interested in having the overall size reduced and to lift and reshape my breasts.... READ MORE

Odd shape breast after capsulectomy. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I had a revision on 1-30-14 for capsulectomy in my right & upgrade from 450cc to 600HP smooth silicone. I'm noticing the right breast that had... READ MORE

I'm Replacing 450 Saline with 650 Saline, with Areola Reduction to Fix Left Larger Breast, Feedback?

I was told by my doctor that one of my areola was lower then the other and that he could fix's it by moving it. I now have two different size breast... READ MORE

Would 650cc overfilled to 700 (or 750) under muscle be enough? 225-250cc doesn't sound enough to make a visible difference.

5.4" 104lbs. 32A pre-op. got 425 HP silicones (34D-BDW 14.5). Im upsizing&switching to salines. My ps said he'll overfill a 650cc shell. a different... READ MORE

Implant exchange from 450cc's to 650cc's

I'm 5'9 about 140lbs with 450cc silicone implants under the muscle i got 4 years ago-I'm looking to go to 650cc to have a fuller look- I have really... READ MORE

What size would I be after my breast augmentation surgery?

Natural breast was 34-36B. First breast augmentation in February 13, 2004 I got 475cc in Saline which got me to 34DD/36D (is equivalent). Now... READ MORE

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