6 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast Implant Scar Sits Below the Crease. Will Revision Surgery Help? Cost? (photo)

(asked this question 3 years ago) It's been 6 years since my implants and still considering revision surgery. I feel my implants sit too high. You... READ MORE

Redo Breast Augmentation with Smaller Breast Implants After 6 Years of Having Large Implants? (photo)

Hello, 6 years ago I was a 36DD and working out very rigorously as well as dieting for fitness competitions. I was doing this for 5 years when I... READ MORE

BA revision, (most likely) bottoming out, double bubble, lateral displacement, and muscle flexion deformity (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation performed 10/2008. I went from a big A to a DD. From my research, I had concluded that I had tuberous breasts, however; my... READ MORE

How Can I Re-correct Breast Asymmetry After Weight Loss?

6 years ago I received an implant in my left breast to correct my breast asymmetry (left: B; right: DD). I have recently lost weight and now my right... READ MORE

Is This a Double Bubble or Am I Bottoming Out? How Should This Get Repaired? (photo)

I got my saline BA 6 yrs ago. I got capsular contracture on my left breast. My PS used my original implant.I could tell immediately that the pocket... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350 Cc Bag Filled to 400cc to Filled 200cc Breast with NO LIFT?

I had original breast aug 6 years ago. 32B to 34 full D. I had 450 cc implants filled to 500 cc. 3 years later I has 350 cc put in that were filled to... READ MORE

I'm having my implants replaced to go down a size. Would changing from 650cc saline to 500cc silicone gel achieve a "fake" look?

I am 5'5" 155 lbs with athletic build. I got 650 cc saline implants 6 years ago and wear a 38 DD in most bras but it fits very snug. I am EXHAUSTED... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Redo

Six years after tummy tuck,lipo,and breast aug surgery I am not happy with the results. My surgeon used silicone implants to complete my breast... READ MORE

I would like to improve the results of breast augmentation to achieve smaller, less droopy beasts & smaller areola. (photos)

Hello, I am 37, and I would like to improve the results of breast augmentation (300 CC High profile Naturelle implants) & full anchor breast lift I... READ MORE

Leaking Saline Implant - Surgeon in Toronto Needed?

I have a difficult case here. My Saline implants were put in nearly 6 years ago under the muscle underarm. There has always been a some level of pain,... READ MORE

Need a Breast Revision Surgery, Bigger Size?

I have sili 6 years now, was capsulated and it was removed the capsul tissue and same implant again, anyway i have been feeling for over 6 months... READ MORE

Breast Implants Replacement

I had implants placed 6 yrs ago. Now, 5 yrs later the implants seem to have moved out of their pockets, they are at different positions on my chest... READ MORE

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