200-249cc + Breast Implant Revision

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Uneven Nipples After Breast Augmentation and Lift

I recently had breast lift and implants (200 cc, 1 cup size bigger, age 26 no kids) 2 weeks ago, and my nipples look like something out of a child's... READ MORE

Unhappy with Final Breast Aug Result - Placement Too Low?

I had a sub-pect. BA 10 weeks ago. I requested a "natural" look, but I also wanted them to sit in a youthful, not low position on my torso.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision Surgery - How to Explain to Doctor What I Want?

I had a breast lift with saline implants on 5/25/10. I specifically wanted my fuller breast with my nipples more in the center of my breast and more... READ MORE

Would Like a More Rounded, Lifted Look, What Would You Suggest? (photo)

Have 225 L and 250 R Silicone Mentor Siltex Moderate Profile Now Above the Muscle.  I am 5'7", 10.7 stone, slim build. Would a larger HP implant... READ MORE

Would Revision with Extra 40-65CC in Different Profile Help Me Achieve Goal?

I had BA 2 mos ago, 235cc mentor mod, and am so disappointed with result so far. Was very conservative at my consult-didn't want to be "big", want to... READ MORE

Will Decrease of 200cc Make a Huge Difference on a Taller Girl? (photo)

I am 5'10 and 160.I was a saggy 38C after all the excess skin was shoved in the cup.I had a lift and implants and went WAY too big for my likings... READ MORE

I Have a 200 Cc Augmentation. Can I Reduce for a Less Heavy Look?

I tried 150 cc but they still dropped as low. Any other solution possible? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Side Boob from Augment 200cc Saline Implant over Muscle?

I originally had a lift on my 34D breasts. A week ago I had a 200cc saline hp implant above muscle just for upper pole fullness n not to change the... READ MORE

Second Breast Augmentation for Reduction - Which Size Implant to Switch Too?

I am looking to reduce my breast size with 2nd breast augmentation. I currently have a 300-330cc round saline implant under the muscle and wear a... READ MORE

200cc Hp Saline Too Big After Lift? Naturally 34D....what to Do Asap Please?

1st surgery-breast lift didnt want bigger but doc put in 330cc moderate saline n I felt huge.I'm 5'7 130 pound n want sportier look no bigger than my... READ MORE

Are my Implants to Wide? (photo)

I had a full lift with 200cc implants 2weeks ago under the muscle with mod + saline smooth round implants and when I lay on my back my implants drift... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350 Cc Bag Filled to 400cc to Filled 200cc Breast with NO LIFT?

I had original breast aug 6 years ago. 32B to 34 full D. I had 450 cc implants filled to 500 cc. 3 years later I has 350 cc put in that were filled to... READ MORE

Lifetime of Silicone Implants?

I had 225 cc silicones placed over the muscle 30 years ago. They ruptured 2 years ago and I had them removed a few months ago. They were great... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out on Right Side 6 Months Post Op?

I am 6 months post op and received 210 cc saline implants. I am clearly bottoming out on the right side and am going back for another follow up in 4... READ MORE

Is a Breast Augmentation Revision Warranted? (photo)

I had 210cc (diam 11.2) unders in moderate profile put in 8 weeks ago. I wanted to go bigger but my PS said anything bigger would look "unnatural" on... READ MORE

Pain and Double Bubble? Is a Revsion Needed or Just More Time? (photo)

Replaced saline 225cc to silicone 150cc's with capsulorraphy Had really bad pain since day 1 on my right side which is the breast in question not only... READ MORE

Can I downsize my implants without a breast uplift? (Photo)

I have 260cc implants, low profile overs with slight CC in one breast. Is it possible to have implants removed and replaced with smaller implants; I... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove over the muscle silicon implants and have them put under the muscle after five years?

I am a 39 year old mother of two. I had a 200cc silicon breast implant surgery above the muscle done 5 years ago. I am 5ft 7 and 144 lb . I weight... READ MORE

Can I reduce my chances for recurring Capsular Contracture if I switch from Subglandular to Subpectoral Implants?

Last April I had 225ccHP subglandulars silicone implants put in and have now developed capsular contracture on the right side. If I get the... READ MORE

I have 240ml silicone bilateral for 12 yrs. I would like to know what size of silicone implants would be better for me. (photo)

(Sorry, but my english is not good, I`m brazilian.) I have 240ml silicone bilateral, is 12 years. I'll change for bigger implants, I would like big... READ MORE

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