10 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Revision

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My Hand Can Fit Between My Breasts After 339 Silicone Implants 10 Months Ago. Any Recommendations? (photo)

5'5 120lbs. Had 339 cc (Natrelle Style 15) silicone implants 10 months ago. pre-34A. post-34C. Happy with the size and shape but unhappy with the... READ MORE

Should I Downsize or Have my Implants Taken out Completely? (photo)

I had a lift w/ implants 10ms ago w/ 240cc. If you look at my full profile you will see Ive been unhappy with the size from the start. Ive given it... READ MORE

Bilateral Baker IV CC and Mild Pain After 10 Months of BA- Will CC Reoccur With Revision? (photo)

10 months ago I had a BA with Mentor silicone implants under the muscle. I developed CC at 10 wks. w/severe pain at 13 weeks & have intermittent... READ MORE

I Need A Revision Surgeon! Cost for a Revision Within my Budget?

I need a revision on my current implants. I've had for 10 months and they are too large for me. I have 400ccs mod plus by mentor. diam/proj is 13.1\4... READ MORE

Looking For Honest Insight. Is This The Best I Can Hope For After Implant Replacement and Lift? (photo)

I am realistic and I understand there will always be issues. I have waited 10 months and I was hoping that my concerns would resolve.I have ultra high... READ MORE

Why do my implants fall to the side when lying down? (Photo)

I had a revision 10 months after BA to correct my right implant falling below the muscle and to improve cleavage. Also before the revision my implants... READ MORE

Very Disappointed - 10 Months Post Implant Exchange and Lift Ultra High Profile 455cc. (photo)

Breast are uneven, can’t fit into a bra. Left; very soft, falls lower, no upper cleavage, no fold & incision shows. Right; firm, deformed, very... READ MORE

Concerned About Scar Tissue: Re- Entry into the Original Incision Site Thru Arm Pit

I had implants placed in through the arm pit May 2011. The result was a much larger size that I wanted so I am going to have the surgeon go in and... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach a Silicon Implant Reduction?

At 16 I had a breast reduction. I went to a pediatric surgeon appointed by my insurance. Years later I had severe scaring and sagging. I sought out a... READ MORE

Can I get the results I want? (photo)

I had a lift with implants 10 months ago that did not give me the results I wanted. The skin stretched and implants went out to the sides. I'm... READ MORE

Why is my Breast Implants Ripple So Bad After 10 Months, One of the Breast is Going to the Side?

Breasts are hanging down they wasn't like this before 1x 2x yes was a 325cc now they say they put 375cc but they look so big, hurt and one nipple is... READ MORE

I had a revision that didn't work. Where do I go from here? (Photo)

I had a revision 10 months after BA to correct my right implant falling below the muscle and implants falling to the side when lying down. 19 mths out... READ MORE

Areola asymmetry. Is it worth fixing it? (Photo)

Hello, Due to one of my chest walls protruding, my aereola (shown on the right) sticks out differently than the other (this pic is taken 10 months... READ MORE

Had breast implants replaced in March 2014 due to right implant rupture. Had two additional surgeries, what is next? (Photo)

Doctor is telling me its my skin. I have dished out money twice and been dealing with this for over a year now. I return to see ps on jan 6th. I am... READ MORE

Revision surgery - do you have to pay?

Do u have to pay for revision surgery? I'm 10months post op and my implants are still high, I posted pictures yesterday, and got good response from... READ MORE

Is it possible to have infection from an implant replacement done 10 months ago?

I have been having discomfort in my breast for about a month. There is now an abscess underneath the breast along the suture line. The "growth" or... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3... READ MORE

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