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Technique for Breast Implant Removal After 2 Wks and Result?

I am 31 years old and underwent breast augmentation a week and a half ago. i was a 34b previously and after having 300cc nagor impleo implants am... READ MORE

Ruptured Breast Implants Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

I'd like to have my ruptured breast implants removed and have a breast lift done at the same time. I've heard it may be better to wait, but I'm... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal of 20 Year Old Polyurethane Implants

In 1988, I had breast augmentation using the Polyurethane implants. I have had no problems at all with them for the last 20 years. I am however now... READ MORE

Would I Need a Breast Lift After Breast Implant Removal?

I want my breast implants removed. One is 250cc and the other 270cc. I am only 5"2" and have a size small top. My question is, am I going to need a... READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove Capsules due to Implant Capsular Contracture?

Do I need to have all the capsules removed and both pockets sewn up? What happened if my surgeon said there is no need for this to be done? He said... READ MORE

Can Prolene Subcuticular Sutures Be Removed After 14 Post Explantation?

June 11 had explantation. Doc can see me on June 25, but then will be unavailable for some time. Can she remove subcuticular prolene sutures at 2... READ MORE

Another Infection After the Implant is Removed. What to Do?

2 mo. after my breast lift & aug. I had an absess along my lower incision line. I tried 2 diff. anti-biotics but it kept coming back and getting... READ MORE

Removal or Revision?

I have had my saline 360cc subglandular implants since June '06. I have some capsular contracture in both breasts. I also develop keloids when I... READ MORE

Hard Remains After Large Implants Removed Aug 2011, Due Encapilated Right Breast. What Are Options To Remove Mass?

Right breast has a huge mass of scar tissue left, or something hard left...the surgeon that did prior implant surgery, only agreed to remove implants... READ MORE

Will my Breast Be Normal After Implant Removal?

Im 22 years old and got implants 7 months ago. i am unhappy with having them and want them removed. before surgery i had nice perky breast at a 34b... READ MORE

Will I Still Have Muscle Distortion After I Explant? And Could This Affect the Look of my Breasts Post Explant?

I would like to get my 350cc under the muscle silicone breast implants removed. I no longer like the look, have never liked the feel, and have found... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Breast Implants Removed in my Doctors Office??

Hi, i am 24 years old and have had silicone breast implants for 2 years. And i am wanting them out! My Dr. who put them in, told me he would take them... READ MORE

Considering removing breast implants. Is it necessary to remove the capsule?

If I have saline breast implants with thin/soft capsules is it necessary to remove the capsules? It was recommended that I have the anterior portion... READ MORE

Do I Have a High Chance of Experiencing Capsular Contracture Again? (photo)

I had my breast implants removed after having a capsulectomy due to capsular contracture. When I had the capsulectomy it happened again but I think I... READ MORE

Does "skin sticking" after explant sometimes correct itself? (Photo)

11 days post explant (capsules removed and a lift) and ever since day 7 I have a spot where the skin is sticking, is there anything I can do right now... READ MORE

After pregnancy, my size got from C to DD and end up with capsular contracture. Should I remove my breast implants? (photos)

After having a baby and breast feed my size got from C to DD full and also I end up with capsular contracture on my left breast now for 18 months.... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove breast implant explantation incision marks outlining the areola? (Photo)

I had a breast implant explantation 7 months ago. The incision marks outlining the areola have not diminished (please refer to images). They are a... READ MORE

I am very interested in explant surgery. What surgeons and procedure types would you recommend in Beverly Hills, CA?

I am turning 50 in June, have had these implants since I as about 24 and really, really want them gone, and have for years, especially since my... READ MORE

Can a scar capsule be removed a year after implants have been removed?

My right breast has gave me problems since I got BA and even after I removed them in this same spot, my X rays showed two solid masses on each of my... READ MORE

What determines the removal of the capsules for a breast implant removal?

I had my first consultation and he suggested he'll remove the capsules but not from the back wall as that would be too bloody, but I've heard from... READ MORE

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