Mentor + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implants Removal Information?

I received submuscular Mentor saline implants (340 cc) fifteen years ago in Montréal, Quebec (from a 34A to now a 40 C/D). For the past several... READ MORE

What to Expect? Going to Get an Explant in September? (photo)

Had my implants since 2002 (300 cc silicone Mentor subglandular), after one pregnancy I had a B cup with light ptosis. After BA I had another... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal After 3 Months. I Have the Mentor Siltex Moderate Plus. I'm 5'4 Weight 137lbs?

I've had my implants for only two weeks and I just know that they are not for me (I know, a little too late). I am thinking to have them explanted... READ MORE

Should I have my saline implants removed and get a lift?

I had saline implants under the muscle done in nov 2007- they are mentor In June 2012 I had my left replaced due to rupture and now in September 2014... READ MORE

Sign of possible puckering or adhesion after removal? (Photo)

I would like to tell me if something in these photos ,especially animation deformity, is a sign of possible puckering or adhession after removal of my... READ MORE

I have had conflicting advice from surgeons. Who do I believe?

I am 45 and had 1st BA 5 years ago - 350cc round silicone over muscle - these were too large and pockets made too big so implants were freewheeling. 3... READ MORE

Submuscular Mentor Cohesive Gel (silicone) Implant rupture on the 6th year

Swollen right breast for 3 weeks, followed by an ultrasound on 8-5-14, a rupture of the right breast was evident. No accidents of any kind, no kids,... READ MORE

Removal of (Big) implants? (Photo)

I have 5 years 300cc mentor silicone medium profile implants,and I'm thinking of permanent removal. I was similar to this girl pre B/A , and next... READ MORE

What makes a good candidate for a breast lift revision, post sub-muscular implant removal?

My initial surgery included breast lift & implant (375cc mentor round) to provide upper breast fullness. I had no issue with size-only sagging, but... READ MORE

Will a breast lift be required if I decide to remove breast implants without replacing them? (Photo)

9 years ago I received a 425 cc moderate profile mentor saline breast implants, prior to implant I was a 34 A. I was never was satisfied with their... READ MORE

Is implant removal my best option? (Photo)

I'm 4 2 5"2 60 kg was a small saggy b cup wanted to be a b cup with more volume .my ps recommended 180 mentor teardrop with a lift.since having... READ MORE

High Profile Breast Implant Removal. Is there any option for me to save a better look for my breast w/out replacing the implant?

I have high profile mentor gel implants . My breast were naturally fine but after weight loss and breast feeding they were little deflated . Consulted... READ MORE

How close to surgery should I have a mammogram?

In decision phase to explant (mentor saline under muscle) with lift. Mammogram scheduled for Monday 2/9. Surgery not scheduled yet but hoping for June. READ MORE

Explanting 450cc Cohesive gel submuscular implants, left breast internal rupture, right breast - fibrosis 0.3 cm (Photo)

Hello. I am explanting 450cc Mentor Cohesive gel sub muscular implants, implanted in 2010 (under the breasts incision) due to 2 cm internal rupture on... READ MORE

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