Leak + Breast Implant Removal

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How Long Will It Take for my Natural Breasts to Regain Shape After Implant Removal? (photo)

4 weeks ago I underwent breast augmentation surgery. I was an a cup & gained 360cc low profile tear drop implants. A week post op I began to... READ MORE

How Dangerous is It to my Health Not to Have Implants Removed when One Has Ruptured and is Leaking Silicone out of a Small Hole?

The silicone has started to ooze out of a tiny pinhole on the underside of my breast. Surgery is not an option as I am not financially able to pay for it. READ MORE

I Have a Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant and Need to Have It Removed. Options?

My doctor thinks I have a ruptured implant, gave me a referral but she only sees patients with cancer. The symptoms are quit severe and the pain is in... READ MORE

Ruptured Implants and Leaking Silicone, SHould They Be Removed?

My breast implants have ruptured, confirmed by a mammogram, which was discovered that the silicone has gone into the milk ducts. Does this need to be... READ MORE

12 Days After Explant. 25 Yr Silicone Ruptured/1 Side Had Bad Leak Extracap/found Hard LUMP. Normal? (photo)

12 days post -op. Started massage on breasts. One side feels right - the other side has the caved in nipple where the ps took all the tissue because... READ MORE

New York Breast Explant Surgeon Recommendations for Leaking Implant

I Need a Dr in Ny That Does Alot of Explantations.  i hv had a masectomy on one breast and at frst had a sline implant. it leaked and was... READ MORE

When Can I Fly After Breast Implant Removal?

I need to have my breast implants removed because 1 is leaking. I have had them for 25 years now. I may have the surgery done far away from home and... READ MORE

My 77 Year Old Mother Has Leaking Implants..should They Be Removed?

My 77 Year Old Mother Has Leaking Implants..should They Be Removed? READ MORE

Implants Removed Silicone Leaked into Lymph Nodes Hair is Falling Out, Weightloss Dizzyness?

I am concerned about my mum she has had her silicone implants taken out but some of it has leaked into Lymph nodes the doctor told her he cant take... READ MORE

Can I Have my Silicone Implants That Were Placed S/p Reconstruction After Elective Mast Removed?

I had 4 surgeries in less than a year. The first was the elective mastectomy with expanders. The second was to place the saline implants, however my... READ MORE

Where is the Valve Usually Placed when Getting Implants?

My left implant has leaked and I have been told it is pretty much empty. When putting in the implants is there a standard place that the valve is... READ MORE

Inframammary Fold Collapse?

My breast implants were replaced in June after 21 yrs left side had collapsed due to free leaking silicone my doctor reattached the mammary fold to my... READ MORE

Old Implant Removal After Class IV Contracture?

I have a Class IV Contracture on right side with Hematoma, both breasts have ruptured and left may have leaked outside the capsule.When my surgeon... READ MORE

Leaking Breast Milk in JP Drains Two Weeks After Breast Implant Removal?

My eight-year saline implants had to be removed after a staph infecting caused by a mastitis from nursing my one-month daughter. Two weeks after the... READ MORE

Capsule Removal After 30 Years?

My implants are 30 years old. I have one leaking. Since I'm infected should I have a capsulectom; If I don't what could happen.? If the silicone gets... READ MORE

Strange Soft Lump on Nipple, Is This Silicone?

I am waiting for removal of leaking implants. (has been postponed 1 month due to someone's emergency op by by surgeon). Have more burning pain and now... READ MORE

Is It True That Silicon Implants Have Gel Bleeding?

Dear Doctor: Is it true that all silicon implants have microscopic gel bleeding? I had a MRI done 3 years ago and it suggested gel bleeding...My PS... READ MORE

Can a Fungus Go into a Leaking Saline Breast Implant from a Dust Storm?

Dust storms carry fungal spores which can be inhaled, sometimes causing valley fever. If a saline breast implant has already had a slow leak, and the... READ MORE

I have 30 yr old implants. Both extremely hard, and found out through mammogram that one is ruptured. Any suggestions?

I have 30 yr old silicone implants. They are both IV Bakers, and one is ruptured. My insurance will not pay for the removal, so I am trying to figure... READ MORE

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