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Will my Breasts Sag After Implant Removal?

Some basic stats about me: 25, Asian, slender, 5ft8 58kg, silicon implant 230cc for 1&half years. Now looking to have them removed. Pre op I was... READ MORE

What Happens After Breast Implant Removal?

I am 25 years old and I did breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. My natural breasts are B cup and I had 300cc gel silicone. Now I still feel pain and... READ MORE

Technique for Breast Implant Removal After 2 Wks and Result?

I am 31 years old and underwent breast augmentation a week and a half ago. i was a 34b previously and after having 300cc nagor impleo implants am... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Before or After Pregnancy?

I'm 27 and have had Breast Implants for 5 years total (350cc Saline for 2 years, 225cc Silicone gel for 3 years). I would like to get them removed... READ MORE

Ruptured Breast Implants Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

I'd like to have my ruptured breast implants removed and have a breast lift done at the same time. I've heard it may be better to wait, but I'm... READ MORE

Will Removing Breast Implants Sooner Help to Restore Previous Shape?

Im a 23 yr old Black female who recently got a breast augmentation about 5 months ago and Im wanting to have them removed. (went from a very small B... READ MORE

Removing Saline Implants

I am 32 years old, 5'6'', 130 pounds, size 32C. I had 300/350 cc saline implants placed under the muscle 10 yrs ago. I had the surgery... READ MORE

What Will my Breasts Look Like After Explantation?

I am a slender 26 year old asian girl with good tissue elasticity. I had 260cc silicon breast implants 4 weeks ago and am planning to get them removed... READ MORE

I Have 350cc Saline Implants and Want to Take Them Out!!!! Will I Have Breast Deformity?

About ten months ago I had 350cc moderate smooth saline mentor implants inserted sub-muscularly.I am unhappy with the outcome; they are much larger... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift

I am 59 and have had implants since 1997 (12yrs) i went from a c cup to a dd cup, since I only wanted to lift my breast and make them look nice, The... READ MORE

What to Expect from Breast Implant Removal of 180cc Gummy Bear?

Hello! I am 24 years old, and I had my Breast Augmentation 2 months ago with 180cc gummy bear implants. It was a very sudden decision which I now... READ MORE

Sagging After Breast Implant Removal

I have breast implant removed last month, now I am very worried about my sagging breast. I do not want a breast lift.Can I do any body exercises to... READ MORE

How Long After Augmentation to Get Breast Implant Removal?

I just had my Breast augmentation 6 weeks ago and feel they are absolutely too big. I am 5'3" - 115 lbs. I had always been a natural 34D, but... READ MORE

Breasts Concave 2 Days Following Explant...will This Resolve?

I am 50 years old and have had implants for 2 years. I had a lift 1 year prior to the implant. I am 2 days post explant and my upper pole appears... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take to Replace an Implant After Its Been Taken out

I developed hematoma in my left breast and my dr has decided to remove the implant to let the infection clear up. Once Im back to a healthy point he... READ MORE

I Had my Implants Removed and still have nerve pain

I had my implants removed 15 months ago and I still have nerve pain that wraps all the way around my body just under my breast. The scars are still... READ MORE

Want Breast Implants out Without Surgery

I want my implants out, but I fear an additional surgery at this time ( my first was only 9 months ago). My surgeon gave me the option to deflate them... READ MORE

Explant Implant Surgerie Want an Experienced Expert for This Proceedure

Looking for someone w/ extensive experience w/ explant no reimplant. I don't want to hear i won't like it- i am tired of being on the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal After Benelli Lift?

I had breast implants (300cc saline over muscle) with a benelli lift 2 months ago and they are far too big (went from B to D, but wanted C). I am... READ MORE

Will I Need a Lift After Breast Implant Removal?

In '02 I had saline implants, mentor smooth shell filled to 500cc, went from 34B to 36D, weighed 136lbs & am 5'1. A year after my implant... READ MORE

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