En Bloc + Breast Implant Removal

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Periareolar Vs Inframammary Fold Incision (En Bloc Capsulectomy - Ruptured Submuscular Silicone Implants) (photo)

Dear doctors, Which approach provides the most direct route for an en bloc capsulectomy and requires the least operative time? Will and inframammary... READ MORE

Explant of Ruptured Sub-muscular Cohesive Gel Implant: is En Bloc Necessary?

Hi- I recently discovered, and confirmed through MRI, an intracapsular rupture of my sub-muscular 410 cohesive gel implants. They are about four years... READ MORE

Do Textured Saline Implants Need to Be Removed "En Bloc"?

I have had Mentor, saline (550 cc), teardrop, textured, implants (behind the muscle) for 14 years. I have very little natural breast tissue.I want to... READ MORE

Is En Bloc Necessary if I Only Had the Implants for a Short Period of Time?

I am only 1 week post op and I want to remove my silicon gel implants. Is it necessary to have them removed "En Bloc." Or should I be fine... READ MORE

PIP Removal?

I have PIP implants and am having them removed without replacement. They are 245cc overs. I wanted them removed en bloc but a surgeon I saw said he... READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove my Silicone Implants En Bloc After 6 Months?

I only had my implants for 6 months but I want to remove them. Do I need to do it "en bloc"? Is there a capsule that needs to be removed... READ MORE

Large thin ruptured breast implants removal and lift needing enbloc removal. Safest procedure? (photos)

Currently 750 (DD-E cup) wanting to go to a C brazilian. extremely thin stretched skin, 11yr old implants(silicone) extensive rippling, alot movement,... READ MORE

Why Hasn't Implant Been Removed En Bloc, Silicone in Lymph Removed and Now Swollen and Painful 6 Days Post Op?

I had 17 year old implants removed due to a rupture in the right, initially told they would remove en bloc but have in fact left capsule in, just... READ MORE

En bloc or removing capsule?

If your breast implant is not remove en bloc or the capsule is not removed would this not cause confusion when getting your mammograms? As in... READ MORE

What is the cost of En Bloc explant with a lift in Virginia?

Does anyone know the ball park cost of the En Bloc Explantation with a lift in Virginia? I am very thin so I think I'll need a lift at the same time.... READ MORE

How to soften scar tissue?

I have had an en bloc silicone removal. Went from way to big (Dr's fault not mine) to an AA cup size. I am experiencing very hard scar tissue at the... READ MORE

Explant Enbloc, submuscular with Thrombocytopenia- Is it doable?

I am looking to remove my 17 year old textured saline implants which are submuscular, they are roughly somewhere in the 300 cc range, I can't remember... READ MORE

Searching for PS who performs en bloc explant surgery

I am looking for a surgeon who is experienced with en bloc removal of breast implant and capsule in one piece. Thank you! READ MORE

Looking for an en bloc breast implant removal doctor in Illinois/Chicago that will get all of the capsule 100%?

I am looking for a doctor that will remove my year and three month old silicone implants that are under the muscle by the en bloc technique. I have... READ MORE

Looking for a PS in the Kansas City\Overland Park area that performs an En Bloc procedure for implant removal of cohesive gels.

My implants are causing me problems and hurt all the time. My pain increases when I am sick with a cold or flu. I want them out and done the correct... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons in the Lancashire area that are skilled in carrying out the en bloc procedure when removing implants?

I had my implants (under the muscle) in October 2010 and over the last 2 years I've had lots of medical problems with no answers. I also get alot of... READ MORE

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