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Will I Need Drains with Capsulectomy and No Replacement? (photo)

I have to remove 28 year old textured, Silicone implants above the muscle, including capsulectomy. I don't like drains. Are they used with this... READ MORE

Pain with Drain Removal, After Breast Implant Removal and Partial Capsulectomy?

My drains have been in for 5 days, and I heal quickly, so am afraid that my skin will have started to heal around drains and sutures by tomorrow when... READ MORE

Post Breast Implant Removal: Should Drain be Removed if Only Drainage is 150cc of Breast Milk?

I had an emergency breast explantation done last week due to staph infection that ate a lot of my breast tissue. I was breastfeeding at that time and... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op Breast Explant, Left Breast Still is Draining, Normal?

Hi there, I had my surgery two and a half weeks ago and am still walking around with a drain in the left breast (this was the side where the implant... READ MORE

Post Explant One Breast Drains a Lot and the Other Almost None at All, The Drains are Open, is this Safe?

I had my breast implants explanted 3 days ago. They were Mentor Silicone and places under the muscle. I have drains in, however my left breast is... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Seroma/Hematoma After Explant if Drains Are Used?

I'm explanting mid-August after 7 months of having 350cc silicone unders due to severe bottoming out & other reasons (I'm 25, no kids, no... READ MORE

Will my Breast Shrink During Months Post Explant? (photo)

I underwent a simple explant on monday 16 september (3 days from today, still with drains). My implants were 280g over the muscle, 12 years old. I am... READ MORE

Drains V. Compression After Explant?

I'm explanting in early August, 7 months after initial explant (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss). My doctor is performing a capsulectomy,... READ MORE

Should a Seroma or Hematoma Be Drained Prior to Breast Explantation or Just Drain It During Explantation?

PS believes there may be fluid in breast capsular contracture & wants a mammogram performed. Then possibly a sonogram & MRI. I do not want to... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove silicone implants under the muscle?

HI, I want to get explanted due to a painful capsular contracture on my right breast. In 2010 had removal of 675 saline implants, replaced with 325... READ MORE

Drains after explant?

I explanted on 12/20/2013 and had a complete capsulectomy. The doctor felt I needed JP drains and I am down to 43/30 (right/left) yesterday and... READ MORE

Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

I am explanting mid-August after 7 months with 350cc submuscular silicone implants that have bottomed out severely. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight... READ MORE

How Long Should JPs Be in After Implant Removed? What Can I Do to Speed Up Removal of JP?

I had a implant removed after 4 years of being in due to infection. I did have some fat grafting about 4 months ago which may have lead to infection... READ MORE

After my second capsulectomy, the fluid won't stop accumulating?

I've been having the drain in for almost 2 weeks after my capsulectomy and the fluid keeps coming out about 40cc/hr. my question is what makes the... READ MORE

I'm having a drainless breast implant explant. Why do some surgeries require drains while others do not?

Hello, I have saline implants in front of muscle with no big issues. getting them out under local with no drains. Why do some surgeries require drains... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op. One drain lost its suction on day 2, then yesterday the tube came out. Is this a problem?

Before losing the suction the right side was draining 30 cc twice a day. Then with the suction gone but tube still in there was a leak around the tube... READ MORE

Growth in bulb of JP drain

I had my breast implants removed 12/20 and have JP drains. The issue is that in addition to fluid, fat, clots, and what appears to be tissue,... READ MORE

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