Deformed + Breast Implant Removal

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Deformed Breasts After Implant Removal? (photo)

375cc smooth silicone partial unders (Mentor, cohesive gel) placed 6 1/2 years ago, via transaxillary and small nipple incisions. Due to severe chest... READ MORE

Removed Implants. The Left Breast Is Now Deformed and The Shape Has Changed. Can This Be Fixed?

I had implants for 5 months (300cc on both), and removed implants 5 weeks ago. As time goes, the shape of breast changes. I was told to massage the... READ MORE

Can deformed breast from explant be corrected? (Photo)

I had my implant out 2 months ago, It has left my right breast deformed. Can this be corrected without another implant? The implants were in for 14... READ MORE

Im 24 Ive Had my Implants Fof 2.5yrs (PIPs) B Pre-op to D They Have to Go How Will I Look?

I have been given PIPs and have now been told they have to come out due to a rupture they are 2.5 years old and i am 24 they were placed above the... READ MORE

After explant surgery I now have lumpy disformed breasts. Is there anything I can do besides getting implants? (Photo)

I had 400 cc implants done over 12 years ago, I changed to 500cc implants over the muscle several years later. After breast-feeding they became heavy... READ MORE

Is it necessary to attach the muscle to the chest wall when removing an implant that was placed under the muscle? (photo)

I had an breast explant last week and my doctor attached the muscle to the chest wall; so much so that my breasts (especially one) is completely... READ MORE

Would I be deformed or need a lift after removal? If I have a rupture would any PS accept Medi-Cal? Costs? (Photo)

I dont feel good having implants. I have started having a lot of health issues since my surgery back in 2008. I also think I may have a rupture in my... READ MORE

I had my implants removed and one side looks deformed now. Why? (Photo)

I had to remove my implants because of ALCL (implant-caused cancer) and the surgeon (at Memorial Sloan) removed the capsule on the right side. After... READ MORE

Too many complications. My breasts are still deformed. Will implant removal correct my problems? (photos)

I had implants 8 years ago. I wanted a C and got an E. Waited 8 yrs and let the same Dr. revise me. I ended up w/lateral displacement, nipple... READ MORE

Will my breast be deformed after beast implant removal and how long should I wait till I remove them? (photo)

Hi, I had my breast augmentation a year ago I never noticed before the breast implant that I had pigeon chest so after the implants I was not happy,... READ MORE

Breast implants (200cc) were removed two weeks ago. I am very reluctant to post this picture. What's my best option? (Photo)

The implants were placed 33 yrs ago and the left one remained soft and normal. Both implants were ruptured and the right one was calcified with severe... READ MORE

What is my breast shape after implant removal? (photos)

I have grade 4 cc in one breast and grade 2 in another. I would like my implants removing but I am scared my implants will have stretched my breast... READ MORE

Would reconstruct w/expanders & ADM be reasonable after complicated revision resulting in removal of implants? Alternatives?

18 y/o 375cc saline overs replaced with slightly smaller gels, added SERI, Benelli & scar rev at lt auxilla. Seroma rt areolar healed. Thin tissues.... READ MORE

After 25 so years I know my saline under muscle implants need to be removed. they are causing much pain and one is deformed.

 I would like to have local and deflate implant and remove. What price am I looking at? I can't take what it is doing to my neck and arms and... READ MORE

If one side implant is removed, I will be deformed?

Original: had a mammogram years ago& the left breast is ruptured, Now I can not get mammograms again and can not afford to replace or remove them.... READ MORE

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