DD Cup + Breast Implant Removal

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Will I Need a Lift with Explant?

I had a breast lift 3 yrs ago. I then added HP mentor 350cc implants a year later. I now feel as my breasts are too big (32DD) and want to explant. I... READ MORE

Breast Implants Removal Under Local Anesthesia - Is It Safe? Any Pain?

I was told by my surgeon that he could remove my silicone implants under straight local. Is this procedures safe, will there be any pain,Recovery, and... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift

I am 59 and have had implants since 1997 (12yrs) i went from a c cup to a dd cup, since I only wanted to lift my breast and make them look nice, The... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op Lollipop Lift? Does This Look Normal? (photo)

I had implant removal (280 cc) and a Lollipop lift. I think...I was surprised my stitches went further than the crease line, one longer than other and... READ MORE

Explant? Downsize? (photo)

I had 325cc silicone implant placed under the muscle over a year ago... while I think the surgeon did a great job my breasts have grown after and I... READ MORE

If I Explant Will I Look "Normal" Again? (photo)

I had my first BA in 2011. I was a droopy 34C preop and had 339 modplus implants. I ended up an even droopier 34DD with one breast lower/bigger than... READ MORE

Will this get better? (Photo)

I was forced 2 have my implants removed 4/2/14 due to ongoing infection in R one. They were 800 xxx which made me 36DD. It was done on emerg basis &... READ MORE

Can my breast look normal if I have breast implants removed without replacing them? (photos)

I had breast implants put in under the muscle 8 yrs ago. I have 350cc. I became pregnant 6 months after. I feel top heavy with them. Never liked them... READ MORE

Results of implant removal (Photo)

I have saline implants for 14 years now and have one that is deflated. In Dec when it was checked by PS said it was only partial. Now I think it's... READ MORE

I Want to Take out my Breast Implants and Have a Lift and Fat Transfered?

I have breast implants 43DD and I breast fed after I had them done. I was a full "saggy" 34C before. I want to take them out and replace it with the... READ MORE

I want to remove my implants but its been so long since I have been natural. What I might be once they are out and lifted?

Im 35 and im now considering having my implants removed. Ive had 2 breast operations since I was 20. I can't remember what size I was before and... READ MORE

Will my breasts sag after an explant? (photos)

I got my implants about 3 yrs ago because I wanted more fullness in the upper breast. I was a c cup before implants and after 375ccs i am a DD. I feel... READ MORE

What size would I be after breast implant removal? (Photo)

In December 2008, I got 400 cc saline breast implants. 2 months after surgery, I developed capsular contracture. In April 2009, my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I'm having my saline implants removed. Should I wait until I lose more weight? Current loss 10 pounds 30 more to go. (photo)

I am a 46 year old African American female. I teach dance and fitness so my breasts have always been an issue for me. I had them lifted in 2004 and a... READ MORE

Is there a way to determine change in size after removing implants?

I have 150cc implants and will be removing and lifting. I currently measure a 32 DD. I have a good amount of breast tissue. I'm worried it will be a... READ MORE

What is the protocol to have implants removed? What are the requirements to have insurance (kaiser) cover this procedure?

I was approved for a breast reduction, only to be denied at pre-op. My breast were Ds-DDs depending on weight. Most Dr.'s suggested a lift with... READ MORE

I want my implants removed. I had 410 cc and am a DD now. I have had them for 17 years. They are lumpy, bumpy and hard. (Photo)

Breast inplant removal, neecd help finding a dr who will finance me. I have been turned down by care credit READ MORE

Would I require another lift?

December 2013 I was a B-C cup I had a breast lift around the areola and under the breast fold with 300cc silicone implants. I hate them I want them... READ MORE

Remove capsule during explant for health reasons?

I am looking into explanting and lift. i am dd, 10 yr old 500 cc, under muscle and also have lyme disease. hoping explanting with help my immune... READ MORE

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