D Cup + Breast Implant Removal

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Will my Breasts Sag After Implant Removal?

Some basic stats about me: 25, Asian, slender, 5ft8 58kg, silicon implant 230cc for 1&half years. Now looking to have them removed. Pre op I was... READ MORE

Technique for Breast Implant Removal After 2 Wks and Result?

I am 31 years old and underwent breast augmentation a week and a half ago. i was a 34b previously and after having 300cc nagor impleo implants am... READ MORE

Thinking About Removing my Implants and Not Replacing? Will I Have Anything Left?

I want to remove my implants. I am not sure if I will need a lift or not and will I be smaller than before I started. Concerned about scarring. Can... READ MORE

Removing Large Breast Implants

I hate my implants, they are too large and were at time..but I was in a different frame of mind 5 years ago, I was a 34 c and wanted a lift and a full... READ MORE

Breast Implants Removal Information?

I received submuscular Mentor saline implants (340 cc) fifteen years ago in Montréal, Quebec (from a 34A to now a 40 C/D). For the past several... READ MORE

Getting my Breast Implants Removed. What Should I Expect For Final Results? (photo)

Getting my breast implants removed . Worried ! What's gonna happen next ? Are they gonna be very ugly /flat/ empty? Used to be 32B in 2009 before BA.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove and Replace Implants and Do Some Lift with the New Ones in One Operation?

I have saline implants size 34D for about 13 years. I'm 122 lbs with 5'3". I always feel they're too big and after a pregnancy now they're sagging too... READ MORE

Explanting 265cc Subglandular Cohesive Gels 3.5 Years Later? (photo)

Hello, I'm hating my huge heavy breasts even with a small implant. i'm a large D. I have a lot of natural tissue and i'm hoping with will help my... READ MORE

Will my breast need a lift after implant removal?

I am 5'4" 135lbs when I was 19 I got BA 250cc above the muscle not under I was a 34b and the implants made me 34d I have had two kids since then I... READ MORE

Can my Breasts Look Ok After Explantation?

Hi , I had a BA in 1993 . In the past year my right breast has developed CC . I decided to have the procedure after my small breasts became "deflated"... READ MORE

I would like to take my 14 yr old saline under the muscle implants out and get a lift. Should I do it at the same time?

Should I do it at the same time? Would I have a better outcome if I take them out and let my breast heal into their natural shape before I lift them?... READ MORE

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