Areola Incision + Breast Implant Removal

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Risks of Explantation of 500cc Under Muscle Silicone Implants Thru Areola? (photo)

I'm wondering if there will be deformity to my nipples, or the caved-in look from going thru the areola versus removal from under the breast, as they... READ MORE

Subareolar Incision for Explant? (photo)

32 yo w/300cc silicone subpect.implants 5 yr ago via subareolar incision-uncomplicated. I went from a 34A to 34C, like the results; don't want... READ MORE

Implant Removal After 9 Wks?

9 wks ago I had 420cc Saline Under Muscles placed with areola incision at 7 wks post op developed suture abscess then at 9 wks post op developed... READ MORE

4 days PO. Does it look like my peri-aereolar incision is adhered to deeper tissue? Will I need a revision to fix this? (photo)

I WAS really excited that my implants were removed and dont care if they turn out kinda saggy but when i got my bandages removed for the first time... READ MORE

If Saline Implant Removal be Done Through the Nipples at the Same Time as Nipple Reduction?

If saline implant removal and nipple reduction are done at the same time, can my implants remove from my nipple incision? I don't want to have two... READ MORE

Explantation, Nipple or Under the Breast?

Is there any difference between the two techniques for the final breast shape? Is it one setter than the other? (and why?) READ MORE

Breast Explant Anchored Scar Revision? (photo)

I had my implants removed over four months ago, and even through massaging the scar my left breast still remains tethered. I had them removed through... READ MORE

If I Had my Implants Put in Through the Nipples, Do They Have to Be Explanted Through Them?

I'm having my explant done in 2 weeks and after reading about problems with nipples being caved in, I'm wondering if I'd be better of having a crease... READ MORE

Can I have my one year old 700cc saline implants removed under local anesthesia without pocket closure ?

I am 30. I have had my 700 cc saline under the muscle implants for one year and I hate them and want them out completely. They were put in through an... READ MORE

Should I explant with a different incision site that I used for my BA?

I had a BA with an aereola incision as well as a benelli lift with internal sutures. I have made the decision (difficult) to remove the implants. My... READ MORE

Will my Areola Revert Back to Normal Size with Going to a Smaller Implant?

My first implants ruptures were cohesive gel moved here a dr removed em put new implants in and so much tissue was removed that the incison on one... READ MORE

How soon may I remove my breast implants and how risky is it 9 weeks after previous surgery?

I would like to remove my breast implants , had them inserted 7 weeks ago along with other procedures totaling 4 hours of general anesthesia. Two... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove breast implant explantation incision marks outlining the areola? (Photo)

I had a breast implant explantation 7 months ago. The incision marks outlining the areola have not diminished (please refer to images). They are a... READ MORE

Any thoughts on removing saline implants through my areola (original incision site) with a local anesthetic?

My surgeon is suggesting that I remove my 10 year old saline implants through the original incision site to avoid additional scarring. I'm removing... READ MORE

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