Areola + Breast Implant Removal

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Nipple and Areola Caved in After Explant Surgery. Permanent?

I am three weeks post explant. I had silicone implants for 30 years and had them removed due to rupture. I am devastated with the outcome. I am 56... READ MORE

What Are Symptoms of Necrosis of the Nipple?

I had saline implants for ten years,they recently found a lump and a biopsy was done, Thank God it was a fibroadenoma. I got scared after the whole... READ MORE

Areolas Are Caving Under After Removing Breast Implants, Is This Permanent?

I am 4 weeks post-explant after dealing with constant capsular contracture for 11 years. I am slowly healing but continue to deal with the areola... READ MORE

I Had a Lift then Years Later Large Implants. Best Incision for Just Removing Implants?

Just want implants out -- no problems. My lower anchor scars are about 3/4 inch above the crease (due to the large implants). I will be a large A... READ MORE

PBG Breast Augmentation and lift - bottomed out, removed and left with remnants of areola below my areola? (photo)

I am 6 month post removal of 375cc implants that bottomed out within 7 weeks of surgery. I had them removed 8 months following BA. My scars are awful,... READ MORE

Strange Soft Lump on Nipple, Is This Silicone?

I am waiting for removal of leaking implants. (has been postponed 1 month due to someone's emergency op by by surgeon). Have more burning pain and now... READ MORE

I lost sensitivity around the areola and my whole breast after a lift procedure. How risky would it be to change my implants?

I'm 48 years old. I got a breast lift (around areola only) and then implants about 13 years ago. Due to capsular contracture I had to replace the... READ MORE

How will my breasts look without implants? Will the areolas get smaller? Should i consider a submuscular replacement? (Photo)

I'm considering removing 14 years old implants which always were pretty hard,especially on the right. The areolas stretched immediately after the... READ MORE

I'm wanting to get my breast implants taken out. Would they be taken out through the same scar?

I am wanting to get my breast implants taken out. They have been put in through the bottom part of the areola. Would they be taken out through the... READ MORE

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