Age 65-74 + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implants Removal at Old Age?

I've been think of getting breast implants. I understand its short term risks and safety, but I can't find a clear and direct answer on its long term... READ MORE

What Should my Discussion with my Surgeon Be Like About Replacement of Implants As Far As Size & Appearance Goes?

I am 1 week PO after explantation of 35 yr old ruptured, silicon, in front of muscle implants, with quite alot of tissue & muscle damage. I have... READ MORE

Risks of having explanation surgery and lift with moderate Myasthenia Gravis?

I have had Myasthenia Gravis for 2 and a half years. My symptoms have been mild to moderate. Is it riskier to have explantation surgery or leave... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse capsular contracture or to prevent it from getting worse with Accolate or ultrasound therapy? (photo)

Is it possible to reverse capsular contracture or to prevent it from getting worse with Accolate or ultrasound thereapy? I am 65 years old. Implants... READ MORE

I had my breast implants removed 11/1/2013 a month ago. I still feel tired, depressed?

My question is i have never been sick a day in my life the only operation i have had was to have my implants put in 35years ago. i was active walked ,... READ MORE

Does insurance apply if breast implants need to be removed?

I am 72 yrs old and have had saline implants for over 40 years. Left breast is getting hard and sore. I suspect that the right breast has had a slow leak. READ MORE

I want to have my implants removed with a lift. Do you think my breasts will be too small for my frame? (photos)

I am a 36 D with implants bordering on a DD. I am hoping for at least a B cup after removal. I was told I would be an A. Is there any way to really... READ MORE

Are there any special considerations to be aware of as I begin my search to find a surgeon to remove my 40 year old implants?

I am a 70 year old woman with 40 year old implants that encapsulated years ago. My left breast has become somewhat distorted from the implant now... READ MORE

What are the guidelines that would require drains and capsulectomy for explantation?

I am a healthy average weight 67yr old and in the process of interviewing a few PS for opinions for explant. I have very small implants…size??. They... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my 30 year old implants?

I sent in a question concerning having 30 year old implants, now I have had a mammogram and it shows that the pop I heard is the implant burst and is... READ MORE

Keloid scars after implant removal & lift (Photo)

Are there any pictures out there that will show me, a person who like me is prone to keloid after implant removals & lift what I may be dealing with.... READ MORE

What financial plans are out there besides CareCredit? (Photo)

My 38 year old silicone implants are calcifying. I want to remove them with a lift. I do keylord. I have heard of an internal lift does that procedure... READ MORE

Ater 3 weeks implant and capsule removal (drains for 7 days) when is it ok to do a 30 minute walk?

I am 74 years old and 3 weeks ago had explant of implants which were 40 years old.. Prior to this I walked daily for 30 minutes or so. My doctor put... READ MORE

Should I have mastopexy after removing breast implants?

I've had implants for over 30 years (silicone). After mammo and followup MRI's they are starting to break down so there's no question I want them... READ MORE

Need a microsurgeon for breast implant removal in the Salt Lake City area.

I'm inquiring for a friend who doesn't have internet. She has a ruptured implant in left breast. Implants are about 30 years old. Breast is very hard,... READ MORE

Explant with capsule removal eight weeks ago. Should I feel pain in one breast?

I had ruptured implants and capsules removed eight weeks ago. When I do certain things and use both hands and arms my one breast has pain. Sometimes... READ MORE

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