Age 18-24 + Breast Implant Removal

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Will Removing Breast Implants Sooner Help to Restore Previous Shape?

Im a 23 yr old Black female who recently got a breast augmentation about 5 months ago and Im wanting to have them removed. (went from a very small B... READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Lift After Explant? (photo)

I am 24 and have 300cc one side and 325cc on the other saline implants placed under the muscle for just over 4 years. I have decided to explant only... READ MORE

What to Expect from Breast Implant Removal of 180cc Gummy Bear?

Hello! I am 24 years old, and I had my Breast Augmentation 2 months ago with 180cc gummy bear implants. It was a very sudden decision which I now... READ MORE

Expectations for Implant Removal? (Photos)

I am 23, 5'6", 115lbs. Small B before 300cc silicone unders 2 wks ago. I realized I made a mistake. I did not get implants for the right reason. I... READ MORE

I Want to Remove my Implants but I'm Worried About my Boobs Sagging and my Huge Nipples?

I'm 22 years old with sub muscular 360CC Natrelle Saline-Filled Implants. I underwent a breast aug. & a donut mastopexy 4 months postpartum my 1st... READ MORE

If I Remove my Implants, Will I Have Extra Loose Saggy Skin?

I am 24 years old & got my augmentation when I was 18. They are 450cc's & have been in for 6 years. I have moderate, smooth, saline implants,... READ MORE

What to Expect From Removing Perthese Under Muscle Implants?

I had a Perthese 200cc January 2010 under the muscle. I was a 32AA before and had no breast tissue. I am a 32B now. I am considering removing my... READ MORE

Breast Implants - Removal or Replacement?

I can't decide whether to have my 550cc saline sub-muscular impl. completely removed or replaced with smaller silicon ones. I had almost no breast... READ MORE

Im 24 Ive Had my Implants Fof 2.5yrs (PIPs) B Pre-op to D They Have to Go How Will I Look?

I have been given PIPs and have now been told they have to come out due to a rupture they are 2.5 years old and i am 24 they were placed above the... READ MORE

Technique to Help Skin Retract After Explant?

Other than compression, what other techniques can be done to help the skin retract after explantation? I have read some women use ice to help. I know... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Removal? (Photo)

I've only had them for 2 wks, and I understand the whole "buyer's remorse" period but I am dead set on removing them. This was a hard lesson to learn,... READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Lift with Implant Removal?

I had silicone, under the muscle breast implants at 18. At 5'3" and 95 pounds I had almost no breast tissue at all. My implants are... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Options? If I Lose Volume, Can BRAVA Be an Option for Me?

I am 23 and am planning in undergoing breast implant removal of my 300cc silicone gel unders at my 6 wk mark . I was a small B before with an adaquet... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Big and in for Less Than a Month - Should I Remove Them?

I'm 20 years old and just recently got 450cc saline breast implants and started out with a small C cup, and I look huge now and have been in... READ MORE

12 Days Post Op Explantation and Did Yoga Today...did I Damage my Healing Process?

I am 23 years old and had my saline implants (had them for 5 years) removed 12 days ago on Feb. 11. They were under the muscle and were removed... READ MORE

How to Convince my Surgeon to Explant?

I'm 23, 5"6 and 115lbs. I've had my implants 2 wks. I was a small B before my 300cc unders. My PS is amazing and I'm healing well. However, this isnt... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal After 21 Years (And a Total of 4 Augmentations)?

When I was 20 I got 325ish saline implants on my skinny 32AA 5'7 110lb frame which made me a 32C. In 1997 I got 550 silicone (34D). 2002 I got 700... READ MORE

Will my Breast Be Normal After Implant Removal?

Im 22 years old and got implants 7 months ago. i am unhappy with having them and want them removed. before surgery i had nice perky breast at a 34b... READ MORE

I Am 18 Years Old when I Remove my Implants Will my Natural Breast Sag?

Last November a month after I turned 18 I had breast implants put in. I got them over the muscle 400cc in one and 450cc in other. I hate them. I find... READ MORE

Explantation only 1 month post-op?

My BA was on 29th October, but at the moment I really want the implants out. I don't feel like me at all. I only have a month after surgery (325cc... READ MORE

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