450-499cc + Breast Implant Removal

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Is It True That my Breast Will Look Better After Breast Implant Removal?

I had 475cc silicone gel implants put in 3 weeks ago and I want to remove them. The doctor says he will remove the implants, but I must wait 2 weeks... READ MORE

How Long is Recovery for Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement? (photo)

Should I Wait to See How It Heals Before Doing a Lift? I have 450 cc Saline implants inserted under the muscle. I have had the implants for 7 years,... READ MORE

Breast Implants Removal Under Local Anesthesia - Is It Safe? Any Pain?

I was told by my surgeon that he could remove my silicone implants under straight local. Is this procedures safe, will there be any pain,Recovery, and... READ MORE

Necessary to Replace Breast Implants After Explantation and Lift?

I have had 450cc over the muscle implants for 5 years and have lots of stretched/sagging skin. I'm having implants removed and lift done. My doc said... READ MORE

Explant and Pec Muscle? (photo)

I can't believe I paid to be this uncomfortable and caused this much destruction to my pec muscle. 43yrs old, athletic, hypertrophic scar, BWD 11.7,... READ MORE

450cc / 400cc HP Silicone. I Want Them Removed.

450 and 400 Cc Hp Silicone. I Was a Small B I Want Them Removed? Minor Stretch Marks?  that sometimes disappears. one dr told me i will not need... READ MORE

How Soon After Explantation May I Resume my Crossfit Workouts?

I'll be getting explantation this Thursday without capsulectomy. I've had my 450 cc saline implants under the muscle since 2007. I'm very active in... READ MORE

I want implants removed! Will I need a lift?

I had saline breast implants (450cc) in 2009. I've gained 15lbs since & I cannot seem to lose the weight even though I'm a runner & eat very... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal 6 Years After Gel Implants?

I've had gel implants for almost 6 years, now I want them removed. They are 450cc, I went from a 32B to a 32D. I am 27 and 105lbs, no children and no... READ MORE

I'm 35 years old with 450CC silicone implants. Will I need a lift after a implant removal?

I've had my 450cc implants for 8 months. I am 35 yrs old & wish to have them removed. I was a small A cup. My skin is great, my stomach after having 3... READ MORE

When would you recommend the pectoral muscle be sutured to the chest wall after removing breast implants? pros/cons? (Photo)

I have 450cc silicone implants under the muscle for 10 mo's. I developed capsular contracture in the L breast which the surgeon fixed. Now my L breast... READ MORE

How long to wait before considering a small implant after explant? (Photo)

How long does it take for your breast pocket to shrink down and heal completely? I had mine out like 39 days ago.......not loving my decision and... READ MORE

Is it ok to remove gummy bear implants with local anesthesia and will my breast sag? (photo)

I will be removing breast implants under local anesthesia in 5 days. I have 450 cc textured over the muscle "gummy bear" implants. Im 26 yrs old, no... READ MORE

How soon can I lift after breast implant removal?

How long should i refrain from lifting after explant? I have a 10 month old baby, how long after explant before i can go picking him up? My implants... READ MORE

Can gummy bear implants be removed under local anesthesia

I got breast aug a month ago and want them taken out..but dont wanna go under again can i get them out with local anesthesia. I got 450cc gummy bear... READ MORE

Did removal of implants help with shoulder and trapezius muscle pain? Neck Hurts Too.

Just wanting to know if you got relief? My implants are too big for me and I have those issues. Thanks for any info! I am so nervous!! I will not be... READ MORE

Breast Explant. Do the capsules need to be removed?

If capsules are removed does this effect or damage your breast tissue? I have textured silicone implants (470cc) and capsular contraction has begun to... READ MORE

What is my breast shape after implant removal? (photos)

I have grade 4 cc in one breast and grade 2 in another. I would like my implants removing but I am scared my implants will have stretched my breast... READ MORE

I need to know the most accurate information regarding silicone implants removal when they've leaked to axillary nodes.

I am very sick with a gastrointestinal illness causing me to be very underweight. I am 5'5 at 92 pounds. Because of this, there is nothing but skin... READ MORE

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