Risk + Breast Fat Transfer

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Saline Direct Injection 700 CCs to Breast to Stretch Tissue During Fat Graft Consult, is This Safe?

Hi, I recently went in for a fat graft to breast consult and was told my tissue was too tight and that I could stretch the tissue with a saline... READ MORE

Are There Risks That Go Along With Fat Transfer To Breasts?

I know most people are recommending breast implants but i really dont want to get them. All i wanna fix is my asymmetry in my breasts. One is a B cup... READ MORE

Fat Injections After Breast Reconstruction with Implant on Radiated Breast

I had laptoctomy, radiation. 2 years laler - mastactamy and breast reconstruction with expander.After surgery had infection, it was gone after... READ MORE

Why is Fat Transfer For Breasts a More Difficult Procedure than BBL?

It is still relatively, compared to BBL , hard to find a Dr for fat transfer breast aug. The breast aug by fat 'less safe' and satisfactory as... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation?

Is there any fat transfers augmentation in Colorado Springs area? And what type of breast implant that feel so real ? Is there any different type of... READ MORE

I Have 4 Clip Placements from 4 Breast Biopsy's, Can I Still Use the Brava or is It Too Risky? Results Were Negative!

I Have 4 Clip Placements from 4 Breast Biopsy's, Can I Still Use the Brava or is It Too Risky? Results Were Negative! READ MORE

if I Have Only 25ml Fat Grafting to Each Breast Every 2 or 3 Month Can This Elminate the Risk?

If I Have Only 25ml Fat Grafting to Each Breast Every 2 or 3 Month Can This Elminate the Risk? READ MORE

WHEN will fat transfer to breast (large amounts as for 1 cup size increase) be "proven" 99% uncontroversial and safe?

Thanks for reading full q! I realize no plastic surgery procedure is 100% safe, but am concerned re: how fat transfer to NON-MASECT. breast (AS... READ MORE

Breast augmentation after failed fat grafting to breast?

I had a fat transfer to my breasts done this past march, and although I am in love with the results from the lipo, unfortunately most of the fat has... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a fat transfer to breasts on a thin person? (Photo)

I am a thinner girl, I do have some cellulite and fat on the outer thighs I guess saddle bag area. I had an explant and have been weighing my options... READ MORE

Up-to-date info on breast augmentation via fat transfer? 5ft3.5in, 54kgs. 30A breasts. Hoping to achieve 30B

Hello, currently 30A, wish to be a 30B. I have read related queries on this forum from earlier. Not enough studies had been conducted to know the full... READ MORE

Fat transfer instead of implants?

Dr said I'm high risk for explant & implant exchange due to thinning skin & circulation complication. Is fat transfer safe for someone with Lyme. I'm... READ MORE

What are the risks of complications with fat grafting to the breast?

I've read several people say they got cyst from die off. Is this fairly common? Do they have to be removed? Would insurance cover the removal? READ MORE

How long do I need to wait after fat transfer to breasts for routine mammogram?

I have previously had calcification a in my breast and has a biopsy where it was concluded they were just calcifications. This was prior to the fat... READ MORE

Is breast fat transfer risky?

I am considering breast fat transfer. Breast implant sounds too scary but I really want my size to be bigger than it is now. Currently I am 34A and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fat grafting or is it too risky due to being thin? (Photo)

I had a bilateral mastectomy with expanders in July 2014. I had the implant exchange in October 2014. I have 240 cc Ultra High profile Mentor memory... READ MORE

Breast fat transfer - cancer risk? Wouldn't any procedure that stimulates growth be dangerous?

If cancer is just uncontrollable division of normal cells, wouldn't any procedure that stimulates growth be dangerous? In the case of breast fat... READ MORE

What are the risks of fat transfer to breasts?

My mom had implants and her doctor discouraged her from fat grafting because 'as you get older your breasts become more dense and calcifications mess... READ MORE

My surgeon has informed me that there is an increased risk of infection from my implants being removed & re-inserted, why is thi

Hi, very shortly I'm due to under going a fat transfer procedure to correct a height difference from my previous breast augmentation. My surgeon has... READ MORE

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