Lift + Breast Fat Transfer

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Tuberous Breasts, Breast Lift & Brava? Really Needing Some Answers. (photo)

I have tuberous breasts and I am not intersted in breast implants or fat transfer at this time. I am interested in getting a nipple reduction/breast... READ MORE

Why Would I Choose Implants or Even a Lift? (photo)

Many doctors are saying what I have stated already implants vs. fat: fat is UNpredictable but implants can also leak. I have seen MANY PHOTOS from... READ MORE

Will a fat transfer give my breast a lift? (photo)

I have quite saggy breast I'm a 36 e I'm wondering if a fat transfer would give me a breast lift READ MORE

My breast are saggy and uneven. Can fat transfer lift them? (Photo)

I do not want breast implants. Could fat transfer achieve lift and symmetry? What else are wrong with my breasts? READ MORE

Fat Transfer or Breast Lift (With or W/O Implants)? (Photo)

I'm unhappy w/my breast shape & where the nipples sit. My goal is not larger breasts; currently a 32D. I'm seeking natural looking result that rounds... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a breast lift plus a fat transfer to make them look the same?

My breasts are sagging and on top of that I also have one much bigger. One of the doctor suggested to have a lift and make the bigger breast the same... READ MORE

I would like a Tummy Tuck and fat graft to breast, do I need a lift?

After breastfeesing three kids my boobs are deflated. I would like more volume but do not want implants . I am back to my ore baby weight ( give or... READ MORE

Do I have tubular/ptosis breasts? If so, how can this be fixed? (Photo)

I'm very self conscious about the appearance of my breasts. I'm currently a small 34C but I would like to be a fuller size C with a perky appearance.... READ MORE

Will fat transfer to bottom of breasts lift enough to position nipples in more upward direction? (Photo)

I'm 48 and recently had implants removed because my breasts were sagging while implants were still in place. I also had a lift done and was told the... READ MORE

What type of LIFT is most appropriate for Severe Ptosis/Asymmetry and will Breast Fat Transfer give me a symmetrical look?

I am interested in getting breast fat transfer because I am in no way interested in implants. I've researched for many months on RealSelf and other... READ MORE

How to find a surgeon to do a fat transfer to breasts?

I am considering having a breast lift and then a fat transfer to my breasts. I am having a difficult time trying to find surgeons who do this... READ MORE

How do you balance patient desire with the surgeon's opinion?

I have paid in full to have a breast lift with fat grafting this Friday. PS did not want to do implants due to increased risk. I accepted this. I have... READ MORE

Breast fat transfer; is lift required? (photos)

I have been researching breast fat transfer, but in viewing photos wonder if I would need a lift. Also from my current photos would I be considered to... READ MORE

Is a breast lift with fat transfer (NO IMPLANTS) possible!?

I want a lift but don't want implants. I know with a lift I will lose size, so to retain some I would like a fat transfer. I'm not looking for size... READ MORE

Can I have breast fat transfer with breast lift surgery?

Hello I'm 20 years old and I'm with a BMI of 38 I've already lost nearly 120 pounds and I'm working on loosing all the excess weight and with it I've... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breast fat graft. Will I need a breast lift? (Photo)

I am consider a fat graft on the smaller breast. my question is will I need a breast lift to match the position of both breast or will they be similar... READ MORE

I want a breast lift with fat transfer to one breast to make them match. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am a 34ddd and one side is almost cup smaller than other I want a lift and fat transfer to smaller side. So far all doc want to make smaller to even... READ MORE

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