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Should I Laser Stretch Marks Before or After Breast Augmentation?

I'm planning on getting a breast augmentation, but I should wait until after I get them to get laser stretch mark removal on my breasts? Stretch marks... READ MORE

Will revision be less down time, and will my surgeon cover cost? Can I get a revision now? 375-400ccs MP or HP? (Photo)

5'4, 149lbs (empty breastfeeding) 34A 286&304 Natrelle round silicon MP unders BA on 2/14/14 I took the pictures below in with me.This surgeon wants... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Wear Underwire Bra After Second Breast Augmentation?

Hello. I'm getting a second breast augmentation soon and I know the healing is much different compared to getting them done the first time. My... READ MORE

How Much Wait Time Between Two Different Procedures by Two Different Doctors?

I would like to have a breast augmentation and nose job done by two different doctors. How much wait time between these two different procedure ? READ MORE

Are my breasts going to look right? (Photo)

I had my breast lift with implants surgery 8 days ago. I downsized from 475cc to 350cc Mentor silicone moderate implant, my skin has horrible... READ MORE

4 weeks post op. What are my options to make them symmetrical? (Photo)

One side donut lift with 400 moderate plus and other side lollipop with high profile They look completly different and saggy What are my options to... READ MORE

How soon can I exercise after BA?

I had my BA on January 3rd went to a 545cc mod profile. Anyway my question is I go to he gym and am able to do all my regular exercises but there are... READ MORE

When can I start wearing a normal bra after breast augmentation?

I am 3 weeks post op and my boobs feel ok just my incisions stings here and there .. But I really want to buy a bra when could I start wearing normal... READ MORE

Three days post op, will my breasts always look like this? (Photo)

I just had a breast augmentation on February 21, I was a 34B and had mentor saline Implants (475 cc's left and 480 cc's right) I know it is only a few... READ MORE

Please advise me when to be measured for a correct fitting bra after breast augmentation?

I had breast augmentation mid January and am very pleased with the results. At the moment am wearing band and sports bra. READ MORE

Is it too early for BA and inner thigh liposuction?

I had. A BA 6months ago is it too soon? Will it be more painful? My surgeon claims he can do implants in 20 mins is this possible?? Is it possible... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty followed by Breast Augmentation or the other way around?

I have heard that having a rhinoplasty surgery after a breast augmentation a few weeks apart could risk implant infection due to the bacteria from... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to correct my breast lift if I am not satisfied with the results?

My implants ruptured after 12 years. Dr. said I will need a breast lift because I wanted smaller size, I had the lollipop procedure done and my... READ MORE

How soon can I travel after breast augmentation?

One of my concerns is can I go back to school after a week of breast augmentation. Second I am planning a road trip a month after my breast... READ MORE

My implants were meant to give me a DD/E cup but they are too small. How long must I wait to see an improvement? (Photo)

I'm still not happy with my inplants as they are a lot small than I ask for!! I've been back 4 times to complain they have said I need to wait for my... READ MORE

How soon after BA surgery can I start doing yoga?

Yoga, exercise, stretching, headstand, upper body. How about weight training and chest exercises? What are some concerns must patients share about... READ MORE

How soon can a medical binder be switch to a store bought garment that fits better under clothes after a TT? (Photo)

I just had TUBA in combination with lipo of my lower back/flanks and TT no muscle repair needed. READ MORE

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