Volume Loss + Breast Augmentation

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Will my Boobs Restore Back to Normal Size if I Gain Weight Back?

I recently lost weight due to stress and lack of eating.(I went from 120 pounds to 110). I am a very petite and slender girl who did have a decent... READ MORE

I Am 5'10, 130lbs BWD is 14. Would HP 500-600cc Be Right For My Flat Chest? (photo)

I've had 5 children ranging in age from 11yo-10 months. I breast fed the last 3 for approx. 9 months each. I am a very FLAT A34/36 cup. I do have... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Small Breast Tissue Large Chest Wall , A to DD is It Good Choice? (photo)

I am post gastric bypass, 5'5" 165lb 38Acup. I lost 130lb, I was a 40DD.Three surgeons don't believe I could go to DD again. Im not... READ MORE

What Breast Procedure Would I Need to Achieve Desired Look? (photo)

I lost considerable volume in breasts after breast feeding, & would like to replenish the lost volume & re-fill the breasts. I decided on... READ MORE

Staging Lift and Aug, Are My Expectations Realistic?

I am wanting a lift and aug after dramatic weight loss (40kgs), I was an F cup and now I "roll up" into a DD. PS i saw today said she... READ MORE

Please Help. Would I Need Both Uplift and Augmentation?

I am a petite 5ft 2 and have always had naturally very large breasts (32F before having a baby) even though i was only 7stone 10. I still Weigh 7stone... READ MORE

I Want to Know if 300 Cc is the Right Size for Me To Correct Volume Loss, But Remain a D Cup? (photo)

Im 105 lbs 4'11 and currently wear a 34 D size bra, but have lost tons of volume from pregnancy and they sag a bit, so i am getting a lift and... READ MORE

Major Sagging and Lack of Fullness 2 Years After 325 Cc Silicone with Mastopexy Donut Left Breast (photo)

2 years ago exactly I had breast augmentation with 325cc silicone and left mastopexy. As you an see from the pics they are no longer even nor do they... READ MORE

Was Wondering Whether I Could Just Get Implants or Whether I Would Need a Full Lift

I want to retain a more natural look and not high by my collar bone breasts. Is it possible that they could be made fuller without the horrible... READ MORE

How many cc would you recommend to get the fullness of Arriany Celeste's breasts ? (photos)

I'm 5'6 125-130 lbs athletic frame with 34d (Victoria secrets brand) and 36B and 34C in other brands. My over all appearance of breasts are fine but... READ MORE

Mastopexy and Augmentation? (photo)

20 y.o F with loss of upper pole volume after weight loss. I am a size 2 nl (what I am now) but I had gotten up to a size 6 in '11. After returning to... READ MORE

Subglandular of Submuscular Placement if Volume Loss From Breast Feeding?

After breastfeeding I have lost fullness on top. I want a very natural result. I saw a PS who thought I should have subglandular silicone. After... READ MORE

How to Fix Asymmetry and Upper Volume Loss? (photo)

I BF for 8 months. I also pumped. The right breast was always more productive than the left, and now it is much smaller. I have also lost upper volume... READ MORE

Is There a Limit to the Volume if Doing a Lift and Augmentation?

I am 5'6, 170lbs and 35yo. I'm about to have a lift and augmentation done and was told 300cc's was the largest I could go, is this... READ MORE

I Need Advice for Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I have seen ps who is very well respected but i am unsure of the advice given due to what i have read. I am 5ft 5in 110 pounds. I breast fed two... READ MORE

If Breast Enhancement Cream and Pill Sites Are Just Wanting to Sell There Product, Can't the Same Be Said for Plastic Surgens?

I'am a 51 yr old female who has never been real big but lost the fullness i had do to menapase, and can not afford surgery and would like to get it... READ MORE

Will 225 CC silicone implants be too small for me to achieve a noticeably more youthful, fuller, perkier set? (Photo)

I have been advised to get 225 CC silicone implants to achieve a fuller more youthful look. Im starting to think that I need to go up at least 250 CC.... READ MORE

What Sort of Procedure Do I Need For Breasts With Sagging and Volume Loss?

I've lost quite a bit of weight so I have little volume in my breasts and they sag. I'm considering a lift and potentially a small implant to... READ MORE

Placement & Size for Recommendation for a Natural Appearance? (photo)

I am 31 years old, 5'4, 110lbs, I was a C prior to breastfeeding 2 children. Significant volume loss. I have a BA in May/13. 1. Do you believe I will... READ MORE

BA Procedure? (photo)

Hi, I would like honest opinions on what ppl think should be done here. I have inserted before pics of my breasts. An empty C cup post breast feeding... READ MORE

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