Under Arms + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Under the Arm

Considering getting a BA under the arm...woried about the incision causing damage to lymph nodes as well as swelling. do you recommend altenitives for... READ MORE

Big Pocket Under Arm After Breast Augmentation

I have Saline implants under the muscle and my right implant has always been a little off to the right. If I flex my chest muscles, my right implant... READ MORE

Swelling Under Arms, And Hard Implants. Normal 1 Week Post-Op?

I had breast augmentation on the 18th and i know they may still be swollen but is it all swelling under my arms or are my implants sitting under my... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Remove Axillary Breast Tissue?

I have a "pouch of skin" above my breast (kind of near the underarm area but not on the arm). I am unsure of what kind of procedure would... READ MORE

Breasts Far Apart 3 Weeks After Lift with Implants

I had vertical breast lift with augmentation, implants placed under the muscle with 240 cc moderate profile saline implants. it has been 3 weeks since... READ MORE

Electric-like Pain Under Arm After Breast Lift and Aug.

I am 17 days post op after a full tummy tuck with hernia and muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation. I have been having pains under my right arm... READ MORE

Swelling Under Arms Following Breast Lift and Augmentation

I am 5 days post-op of lift and subpectoral augmentation. Currently I have a hard swelling under each arm, (more on strong side) which I believe to be... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Breast Augmentation Results? (photo)

I am 3mo post op Mommy Makeover. I am happy with my tummy tuck even though it could not completely rid the stretch marks. My breast aug. however is... READ MORE

I Have Breast Tissue Under Each Arm and Want It Removed. What is the Cost in MN?

I have breast tissue under each arm and i want it removed. How much would i cost to have it removed in MN? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Underarm Incision and Muscle Still Painful After 2 Weeks

I had my BA 2 weeks ago with underarm incision. Recovery has gone well with the exception that I feel my left underarm muscle still a bit more stiff... READ MORE

Oblong Breast with Straight Incision and Underarm Swelling (photos)

I am about one month post augmentation. One side is fine.The other side is shaped oblong. I have pain/recurring swelling on side of breast &... READ MORE

Tubular breasts - looking for advice and an expert. (photos)

Based on my photos, what is realistic result expectation for : *reconstructing the tuberous shape *receiving an implant that changes my 36 A into a... READ MORE

Breast Lift Along with Underarm Lipo?

I had a breast lift/augmentation 25 days ago. I also had lipo to the underarms as well. The underarm areas are swollen and tender and breasts feel... READ MORE

Found a Lump Under Arm Pit. Had Implant Thru Arm Pit 5 Years Ago Cancer?

I had implants done 5 years ago through my arm pit. just reciently discovered pea size lump under right arm pit. is this scar tissue? cancer? is this... READ MORE

Should I let a hematoma in my underarm drain naturally after Breast Augmentation or have my plastic surgeon drain it?

I Had a small hematoma after BA under arm not near my implant but it is now draining through a small pin hole in my crease incision should I let it... READ MORE

Submuscular breast augment 10 days ago what happened to my underarm? (photo)

Nov 6 underwent pocket exchange from subglandular to sub muscular pocket. Last couple days burning pain both breasts. When I raise my arms there is a... READ MORE

Opened Underarm BA Incision. Normal?

Hi I'm one week post breast augmentation  surgery and this morning I saw blood the size of what a sweat mark stain would look like.The... READ MORE

1 month post op, I have under arm pain after transaxillary augmentation. Is this normal?

I am almost a month out and my skin is sore where my arm pit is . Not where my incision is. It's like above my breast and runs across into my armpit.... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the swelling or something under arm 6 weeks post op lift and BA. Been there from the start. (photos)

I'm 6 weeks post op and I'm concerned about the swelling under both my arms. The right side is much worse than the left and i can not wear a bra or... READ MORE

Can a breast lift & augmentation be done using the donut procedure & the skin/breast tissue under the arm be removed? (photos)

I lost 110 lbs over a few years and ready to fix what has been left behind. The first surgery I would like done is to get a breast lift & augmentation... READ MORE

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