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9 days post op of Breast Augmentation, when can I start sleeping flat on my back rather than propped up at 45 degree angle?

I got my breasts augmented 9 days ago, and the whole sleeping at a 45 degree angle, basically sitting up, is really starting to take its tole on my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Breast augmentation. Is it normal that my breast are still hard, uncomfortable and sensitive? (photos)

Hi, i am 20 years old, 5 feet tall, quite active, 125 lbs. I have a very small frame being 32a. After surgery they put 335cc's in one breast and... READ MORE

My PS is Not Making Me Feel Very Comfortable and Surgery Date is Next Week, What Should I Do?

My PS says that I have "almost tuberous" breasts and I'm planning on getting 450ccs of mod+ profile saline implants. In my last consult,... READ MORE

2 months post op Breast Augmentation, my breast haven't dropped yet. Is this normal? (photo)

My breasts are still sensitive, especially to the side of my breast and around the nipple area. I still can't put an underwire bra because my breast... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation in March of 1996. I was 27 yrs. old and weighed 96 lbs. I did experience capsular contracture. Should

Both of my breasts have been (very) hard since about a year after the surgery. Now I am 44 & weigh 136. For 2 or 3 mths my right breast is much softer... READ MORE

After running for the 1st time after my breast augmentation I can hear and feel my implant, did I mess up my results?

535 UHP, under muscle, silicone implants 2 mths ago. After 1st run, I could here a sloshing noise on my right breast. I can now feel the implant... READ MORE

Can you have the crease of your breast lifted up if it is lower than the other? (photos)

Can you have the crease of your breast lifted up if it is lower than the other? My right breast hangs lower and is uncomfortable, I want them evened... READ MORE

Bottoming out? (Photo)

Hi there, I posted a question before and was told it was best to add photos so have attached them for your opinion. I have had problems with my left... READ MORE

Are these 450cc silicone hp implants too big for my body? (photos)

I had surgery in June 2014. Do the implants look too big to you and can downsizing be done easily? I would like to be a small C. I feel very... READ MORE

Less than a year after breast augmentation, I feel that they are too big and uncomfortable. What are my options?

I had breast augmentation in February of this year. Fast forward to October of the same year and my breasts are larger than I had anticipated them... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breasts? Should I have surgery? Or am I just being vain. (photos)

I am 22" 5'7" 140lbs and a 34D. I have always had flat low hanging breasts with very large faint areolas and barley any nipple. My nipples were... READ MORE

Why after 11 day post op BA does my left breast still feel rock hard and swollen and my left is dropping faster and softening?

I had BA 11 days ago and my doctor put 650cc in my left breast and 500cc in my right breast. I was told because my right was bigger of course. I... READ MORE

Is it possible that I may have Capsular Contracture??!!

I have silicone unders and am 3 months post op. My right breast has always been tighter....I'm guessing because I'm right handed and that side was... READ MORE

I'm not sure how to reply to the doctors that relied to me. Is it normal to feel an air pocket under the breast?

I'm just concerned because occasionally it causes a uncomfortable feeling nothing to extremely painful but noticeable. I was worried cause they found... READ MORE

Is something wrong, and can it be fixed? Right implant is too far laterally and has significant animation deformity. (photos)

My right implant is not centered on my breast and sits laterally on my chest. It seems to be continuing to drop laterally. I have an unusual double... READ MORE

Creepy, uncomfortable pressure/numbness after BA. Only happening in one breast. Causes? Will it go away?

I had a breast lift a year ago; then augmentation about 5 mos. ago (small 300cc). So far, I love my results; except, when I lay on my back, I can feel... READ MORE

Breast augmentation yesterday morning, breast just recently started feeling rock hard and painful. Is this normal?

I had a ba monday morning at 7:00 am, under the muscle. earlier today it started to feel like it was easing up and i was able to move around move but... READ MORE

I hate my permanent suture! Now what??

I had the periaerolar mastopexy with implants. My aerolas and scars widened, my permanent suture is palpable and uncomfortable and I hate it! It... READ MORE

Is this bruising normal? (photos)

I am one week post op, and feel I have been adequately limiting my arm movement, but my surgeon is convinced I'm doing too much and that's what is... READ MORE

5 weeks post breast augmentation. Too big! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation 5 wks ago, 275ccs. Was a full 34B and now measuring a 34DDD. I am uncomfortable, huge and self conscious. Clothes don't... READ MORE

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