Tubular Breasts + Breast Augmentation

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I'm 18 yrs old. Are my Breasts Tubular?

Hello, I'm an 18 year old female and ever since I was about 14 I've been concerned that my breasts are tubular. However, when my nipples are erect (as... READ MORE

Fix Tubular Breasts Without Implants?

I have tubular breasts and i want to get them fixed. is there any possibility to fix this without a implant. READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular/hypoplastic Breasts?

I am 25. My breasts are set really wide apart and they are really small, admittedly I am quite thin. (5ft8, 118pounds). Having so much space between... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Considered Abnormal and Tubular?

My breasts are very small and set far apart, with large areola's that almost point to my sides. I have had 2 miscarriages and since then, I have... READ MORE

Best Procedure to Fix Ptosis and Tubular Breasts?

My breasts were always very tubular and oddly shaped. I dealt with weight gain and loss throughout high school(Bs to DDs). I want pre-consultation... READ MORE

3 Months After Breast Augmentation, Nipples Still Point Downward

I am a 25, no kids! Ive always had deflated tubuIar breasts. I underwent a BA with semi lift thru the nipple (silicone, 390 cc, unders). My right one... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Tubular Breasts Since It is Considered a 'Congenital Anomaly' ?

My insurance company is united healthcare. I live in NYC so if there are any doctors who are willing to work with me and my insurance company please... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts? Should I Fix Them?

I am not upset with the size just the difference. I go through periods where it really bothers me and others where it doesn't at all. I don't... READ MORE

Do I Have Severe Tubular Breasts Which Need Extensive Surgery?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old female... Recently, after trying to figure out why, I began to suspect that I have tubular breasts. I researched possible... READ MORE

Do I Have Breast Hypoplasia/tubular Breasts? (photo)

I'm 24, 150 lbs and 5'5. I've always thought my breasts were way too small for my frame. I've lost some weight (70 lbs) in the past ten years and even... READ MORE

Areolar Necrosis After Tubular Breast Correction, Breast Lifting and Breast Augmentation

10 days ago (02/05/11) I had a breast lift with augmentation, after 3 days post op, noticed blood in one of my breast, now I have a very dark skin in... READ MORE

Are my breast considered tubular syndrome?

Im 23 and im not sure if i have tubular breast deformity. I want to go for a consultation but i dont know if i will be covered by my insurance? READ MORE

Can Tubular Breasts Ever Look Pretty?

I had surgery 3 years ago and I noticed them starting to go back to the way they looked before the surgery. I'm thinking about going under again.... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts - Can It Be Fixed Without Implants or Fat Injection? (photo)

Hello, I am a 21 year old woman with small turbular breasts and big puffy areolas (see the upper picture). I have no worries about the very small... READ MORE

Small, tubular, breasts, large areolas, far apart with low nipples. What treatments will not include an implant? (photo)

I've always had small breasts and a comparatively large areola. It is only recently that I've become aware of tubular breast deformity and I think... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Procedure for Tubular Breasts?

I'm considering Breast Augmentation to improve minor tubular breasts. I am a 34A with a high breast fold and minor tubular shape. I have been told... READ MORE

Concerned About Tubular Breasts - Considering Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am 19 years old, no children. I am really unhappy with the shape of my breasts. Smaller in size and asymmetrical, they seem to have a mild to... READ MORE

Are My Breasts Tubular? Do I Need Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Are my Breasts Tubular? Hello, I'm an 28 year old female and ever since I had children and breast fed I've been concerned that my breasts are... READ MORE

Anatomical Vs. Round for a Protruding Chest Wall? Opinions?

5'5, 127. Tubular breast issue on the right. Also a protruding chest wall. I am a 34A now and am looking for a more full look but not very large.... READ MORE

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