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Will Breast Augmentation Before Kids Be Affected After Pregnancy?

I am planning on having a breast augmentation before having children. Since the implants will be placed underneath the muscle, will this still be... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Aug 10 Days Ago. I Feel a Tendon Like Tissue Coming Down. What Could This Be?

The tissue is coming from the inner incision under my right breast, down about 6in toward the center of my body lying over my ribs. I can touch the... READ MORE

Would Breast Augmentation Reduce the Appearance of my Very Prominent Axillary Armpit Tissue or is Removal my Only Option? (photo

I have had breast tissue under my left arm since puberty. After my breast got smaller from breastfeeding, the underarm tissue looks more separated... READ MORE

Scraping Breast Tissue Before Augmentation Normal?

A woman on a plastic surgery message board that I frequent said that her surgeon scraped her natural breast tissue before inserting her implants to... READ MORE

Breast Tissue in UOQ of One Breast "Disintegrating" Causing a Sloping Appearance, What Could Be Causing This?

Years ago I was having pain in the upper outer quadrant of my left breast. The breast tissue in this area continues to "disintegrate" for... READ MORE

I Have Breast Tissue Under Each Arm and Want It Removed. What is the Cost in MN?

I have breast tissue under each arm and i want it removed. How much would i cost to have it removed in MN? READ MORE

Breast Tissue and the Periareolar Incision?

I am scheduled for a BA on October 24th, 2012. I am having 300cc cohesive gel implants inserted through a periareolar incision and they will be placed... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Falling Away from Implants 5 Mos After Surgery. Any Way to Prevent Recurrence After Revision?

I had always had heavy sagging breasts...I got a lift/augmentation 5 months ago. The tissue is falling away from the implant already. I am not sure... READ MORE

PS Made a Comment About my Tissue After BA?

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I am 2 days post-op.(32A, 339CC Allergan Natrelle Silicone unders) Everything went well, however,... READ MORE

Previous Breast Augmentaion, Now Breast Tissue Has Fallen off Implant. Is This Common?

Previous breast augmentation. now breast tissue has fallen off my implant. is this common and if fixed could i get smaller implants? READ MORE

Tissue Died During Breast Surgery

The Doctor cut off the bloodflow to my lower breast and the tissue died. I am having to use a woundvac machine and scheduled for skin graft. It is now... READ MORE

Tuberous breasts- what is tissue scoring and implant technique ? (no lift)

I'm a 22 year old woman with tuberous breasts. I've read about a technique online where the breast crease is physically moved lower down and an... READ MORE

Augmentation scheduled soon and worried about animation deformity associated with submuscular positioning.

I have 34B sized breasts w/ not much sagging and good amount of tissue to work with. I am getting a 250-275cc implant mod+. I work out a lot, and have... READ MORE

Can you please give me your opinions as to if you think this is tissue necrosis after breast uplift/augmentation? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck...fleur d lis...followed by a breast uplift and augmentation a week later with 400 cc mentor implants. All was well until I noticed... READ MORE

3 weeks post Breast Augmentation with yellow tissue/separation on T junction. Is this normal?

3 weeks post op tomorrow anchor breast lift with 650/600 cc mentor implants subglandular! Everything is healing great except the dreaded T junction on... READ MORE

Can you remove tissue/fat and replace with an implant to keep my naturally large size but gain perkiness?

I have naturally large breasts, 34DDD. However they are really starting to sag. I am curious if it's possible to get a lift and augmentation without... READ MORE

Correction of tuberous breasts- should doctor remove excess tissue behind nac to avoid herniation?

I looked online at cases of tuberous breast correction using benelli method, and the dr shown removed excess tissue behind the nac- to remove... READ MORE

Aerola layer of tissue between ribcage causing implants to droop to the side? (Photo)

My plastic surgeon has suggested that my aerola layer of tissue between my ribcage is causing my implants to drop to my armpits. He said possibly a... READ MORE

Breast tissue visually showing sitting atop silicone implant. (photo)

I am 4-weeks post op 450cc silicone implants under the muscle Inverted nipple correction Over the past week I've noticed my left implant is not... READ MORE

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