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Going Bigger After First Breast Augmentation

I just got Saline breast implants 16 days ago. I am 24 years old, 5'1 in height and weighs 100 lbs. Before, I was about a 34A but could fit into a 32B... READ MORE

How Long After TUBA Breast Augmentation Can I Get a Tattoo?

I'm 3 weeks post-breast augmentation, with a 1-inch incision on the umbilicus that has been healing normally. How long do I have to wait before I can... READ MORE

Accutane After Breast Augmentation? How Long Should I Wait?

I am 3 weeks post op partial unders via areolar incision. I am anxious now to clear up my problematic skin. Can anyone give me the real answer on how... READ MORE

How long should I wait before having a breast augmentation with a lift from another surgeon? (photo)

If I went to one doctor to have a Liposculpture and a Brazilian butt lift and tt revision. How long should I wait before having and a breast... READ MORE

How Long Post BL/BA is the Appropriate Time to Wait to Have Nipples Revision? (photo)

I have two different nipples (both in size and shape) and I am constantly fixing the "messed" up one to ensure they both are position straight in the... READ MORE

Time Between Surgeries?

I have a tonsillectomy coming up and I have my Breast Augmentation in august....instead of taking off 2 weeks for one then 2 weeks a month later can I... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait To Get Bigger Implants After A Tummy Tuck/BA?

I went with 325cc and feel at a size "c" that I am too small. What size implant do I need to be a "d", up one more cup size? I am... READ MORE

How soon can small breast implants be replaced with bigger ones?

I had 250cc submuscular anatomical implants 6 days ago and they are much smaller than I expected. I can barely fill a b cup and yet my predicted size... READ MORE

Apply Ceramic Veneers for my Teeth After BA Surgery?

Hi, I am 3 weeks post op, would like to know when I can go back to my dental surgeon to have my teeth surgery for ceramic veneer? READ MORE

I Have an Infected Breast and Can't Reach my Plastic Surgeon

I cant get a hold of my plastic surgeon and i have an infection in one breast. what should i do until he prescribes an antibiotic? hot compress or... READ MORE

How long after getting lipo & bbl can i get a breast augmentation? Saline vs silicone? (photo)

Can i get my butt reshaped without bbl? whats the better choice saline vs silicone? how long should i wait for second round of surgery? i already... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and developed an infection. Implant is out. When can it be replaced?

275cc/sub-pectoral/inframammary. Uncomplicated post-op course. Had my 2 week post-op visit and started breast massage. 5 days later I woke up to pain... READ MORE

How Soon for Breast Augmentation After Weaning Toddler?

I've seen 6 months recommended for weaning a baby. But they nurse frequently. I was only nursing a few times a week for 4 months. I weaned a month ago... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Should I Wait to Get Brazilain Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)?

I got my breast done November 5th, 2012... I scheduled a brazilian butt lift (Fat transfer) for Febuarary 26th, when I was going over the paper work... READ MORE

How long until I can do heavy lifting after Breast Augmentation?

Hello, I'm thinking about getting breast implants but since i am very active in the gym and i love lifting heavy i am concerned. I love bench pressing... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation & BBL? 27 years old, Toronto, Canada. No children. 5'1. 129lbs. 32D-29.5-37.5 (Photo)

Not sure if I am a candidate for BBL or not. Wondering about potential wait times between the two, as recovery for both are counter-intuitive. For BA,... READ MORE

Would going back to school couple days after Breast Augmentation be okay?

I want to get a breast augmentation on a Friday rest Saturday and Sunday then return to school that Monday. My school is from 8:30 to 4:30. I have... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait After Breast Surgery to Have Coolsculpting?

I am having a breast lift (anchor) and arm lift in a couple of weeks. It is ok to have coolingscupting done during my recovery period? obviously i... READ MORE

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