Thin + Breast Augmentation

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Im 5"10 and 150 Pounds I'm Really Slim on Top What Size Implants Should I Get?!

Hello, I'm getting breast implants in July. My current breast size is a 32A. I'm really slim on top, I would like to know what would be a good... READ MORE

Failure Rate for Breast Reconstruction Vs Breast Augmentation?

Hello doctors, I have read that women with radiation in the past who went for Breast Reconstruction with Breast implants have a very high risk of... READ MORE

Can a Small Implant Placed Above the Muscle Look Natural in a Thin Woman? (photo)

I am having doubts between submuscular and subfascial placement. I am a thin woman, which for most PS is a sign to go with submuscular or dual plane... READ MORE

Minimum BMI/body Fat Percent Needed for Breast Fat Injections?

I recently miscarried and my breast have shank from my previously large B cup,to barely an A cup. I refuse traditional implants I don't want to... READ MORE

I am 5'10 and 114pounds. Very thin. Is 400cc silicone implants too much for my body?

I visit PS today. PS was very nice, very experienced in my area but he recommends Nitrelle silicone implants filled with over 425cc.  I am... READ MORE

Would Natural Breast Augmentation Be Worth It For Me? Would Getting Pregnant in Year Affect a Lot? (photo)

After pregnancy my breasts went from a full B to how they look like in the photos. I have a breast aug scheduled in two weeks(375 cc saline unders.... READ MORE

Full Time Yoga Teacher.. over or Under the Muscle. Which is Best for Me?

I'm a full time yoga teacher living in Asia. I'm 5 days pre-op and my doc is a specialist in over the muscle BA. He suggests that due to my daily work... READ MORE

If my Goal is to Re-fill Deflated Breasts, I Am 50 and Ribby. Gummy Silicone Under the Muscle? (photo)

Can I Be Too Thin for Implants?! Nursed 3 kids, lost 20 lbs working out. You can see my ribs. I'm 6', 22#, 28" at bra band area, 29.5" above breasts,... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old and have no boobs. Is there anything you would recommend?

Im 15 with no boobs @ flat. I got my period at my age 14 on november. Im about 5' and underweight @ tall and thin.Im so upset and stress about this.... READ MORE

Please Help I Am So Confused with Implant Types?

I am a very thin woman with deflated A breasts after breastfeeding. My nipples are in good position but I have lots of extra skin. I scar poorly so do... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of getting breast augmentation if you have pectus excavatum and low body fat? (photos)

I am a slim 29yo female with pectus excavatum and one inverted nipple. I am considering breast augmentation (currently 34AA) and nipple correction... READ MORE

What to go with for a natural real boob looking breast augmentation on a thin, narrow frame? (photo)

My stats: Bra: 32aa Bust (Under my boobs): 27.5" Weight: Aprox. 105lbs What I want: Full 32C Natural slope of a real boob (upper pole slope to a full... READ MORE

What can be done to prevent the "double bubble" from happening in an augmentation?

I consulted with a very experienced breast surgeon about getting an augmentation. He is concerned that, because I have thin, stretchy breast tissue,... READ MORE

Very thin, no breast tissue. Would textured round, dual plane be the best option for me?

I am 23 years old ,height is 158cm,weight is 44kg .very thin and having a narrow waist .After searching many reviews ,I prefer the round shape through... READ MORE

I have a BWD 10cm . Could I go with UHP and 10.8 width implant?

Good evening, I am a 5'6 32AA thin girl undergoing BA. My goal is to get a full C or small D. I had my first consultation and the PS told me i should... READ MORE

5 months post op, the size of incision worries me. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello pls I'm in desperate need for an answer. I am exactly 5 months post op and my incision looks like this. I was told it will be a thin line. Pls... READ MORE

What causes small breasts?

I just turned 23 years old. I am 5'7" tall and have been thin all my life, and I just gained weight to 139lbs. I had a rough childhood and it led to... READ MORE

Implant rippling after only three weeks post-op. What can be done to correct?

I had a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with tissue expanders that were exchanged three weeks ago for Mentor round moderate profile silicone... READ MORE

How do I choose the width of an implant ?

Already had a BA with 300cc that look too wide for me , will get breast lift with 230-250cc implants, I was 34A , chest front 26cm, I saw 10cm... READ MORE

Help! Plastic surgeon devastated me! What Can I Do?

I went to see a surgeon this week.And it was horrendous.She told me I was too skinny and basically that there was nothing she could do as I have so... READ MORE

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