Tape + Breast Augmentation

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Is This Rash Type Redness Around my Incisions Normal? (photo)

I had a breast lift and implants on November 8th. The surgical tape covering my incisions came off about 3 days ago and now I have this redness that... READ MORE

Dark Breast Marks from Augmentation Dressing Tape

I got blisters most likely from the dressing tape after breast augmentation. I was wondering, will they ever go away or will they leave me scarred for... READ MORE

Breast Pocket Overdissection?

I had a transaxillary, subfascial, 400cc silicone breast augmentation in April. The left one was lower and larger immediately after surgery. My PS had... READ MORE

Tape over Incision Sites?

I had breast implants (320 cc) two weeks ago. I am wearing micropore tapes over the incision sites but wonder how long I have to do this. I don't want... READ MORE

Blood Blisters from Surgical Tape Have Now Left Raw White and Red Patches

I am 2 1/2 week post op after replacement of saline implants. Surgical tape has caused large blood blister on chest. They have not popped and I am... READ MORE

Red 1/4 in Thick Around Breast Augmentation Scar Used Hybrasil Its Been One Month Still Red, when Will It Fade?

I got augmentation July 3rd paper tape removed after 2 weeks still reddish brown Dr reccomemded. Hybrasil. I used it stung a little been over a month... READ MORE

Any advice on blisters caused by surgical tape post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

So as it is I have extremely sensitive skin. I had a lift with implants done 2 weeks ago and after surgery I noticed blisters where the surgical tape... READ MORE

Should my dr had cleaned or changed my tape at my 2 week post op? (photo)

He told me if the tape comes off just to retake leave on 10 hrs then clean confused spent that leave room for infection and his nurse had the tape out... READ MORE

Derma Bond Tape White Film?

I had derma bond tape removed and it left a white film... Is that normal? How can I remove it? Also I have white incision gap under my breast...... READ MORE

VERY Mild Double Bubble- Having Bad Reactions to Taping, Other Options?

My surgery was May 25th, 2013- so I'm 4 weeks post op. I have VERY mild double bubble on one breast, and my PS had me taping the breast to treat it.... READ MORE

Is this reaction to surgical tape around incision normal? (Photo)

I'm 18 days post BA surgery. My incisions have been about itchy, & when I took the surgical paper tape off this morning, I saw that one side is very... READ MORE

595 Hp and am I'm SO Confused!! 2weeks PO! (photo)

OK... I'm seriously confused right now! I read everyone's reviews and experiences and I'm like wtf?? Was I supposed to remove my Medical tape or Not??... READ MORE

Will tape around breasts help lift after dual plane augmentation?

I'm post op day 3 following dual plane BA with sientra 415 cc round implants. Post-op, both breasts were taped circumferentially with thick waterproof... READ MORE

Should i use clothing tape so soon? (photo)

As i have said in my reveiw of my dr he is great but asking questions and answering not so great so my question is i am dressing up for halloween and... READ MORE

My surgical tape is looking odd at day 5. Is this normal? (Photo)

My 1 week post op is Wednesday so i'll ask my surgeon about it then. But in case it may be urgent i'd like piece of mind asap. Thankyou. READ MORE

Breast Implants 27 days ago, removed my medical tape for 3 days only and got an infection.

It was red and a scab. The next day I took the tape off and it was like a waterfall coming out of incision.Obviously I freaked out went to an... READ MORE

I am 6 days post op and I have a blister like thing on my nipple (it was under the tape). What is it?

I have a blister like thing on my nipple and it was under the tape it doesn't hurt but what is it? Also I'm six days post op still having pain is that... READ MORE

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