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What's Going to Happen Next? (photo)

This is me 2 days post op 300cc mentor smooth round silicone moderate plus profile implants. They are tight, hard, perky and I don't think I have a... READ MORE

1 Week Post Op, Breast Augmentation, Worried Even with Swelling, Size is to Small and Placement May Be off? (photo)

I got a Breast augmentation on 2/11/13, with a HP smooth round saline implant, 400cc in left and 430. I was a small B before and did wear padded bras,... READ MORE

One Breast is Fuller and Larger After Augmentation, is That Normal? (photo)

I was a 36D before breast augmentation and I am 2 months post-op. I now have 700cc mentor silicone implants (smooth round, Hugh profile). One breast... READ MORE

300cc or 350cc? (photo)

Hi, I am wanting natural looking breasts, proportionate to my body as I am naturally quite flat chested, I want mentor smooth round silicone implants... READ MORE

Bottoming Out/double Bubble? What Would You Do? (photo)

Had Bilat.Breast Aug. w/ smooth round silicone Natrelle 20-400cc implants, w/ bilat. crescent lift. Now 7 mo. post op ,noticed bottoming out bilat.... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Look Natural? Or Drop Further? (photo)

Hi, i had my breast augmentation procedure 5 months ago. Unfortunately my doctor didn't take his time and was very fast with the visits. I told him i... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op. Do They Seem High? (photo)

I had 375cc smooth round implants under muscle. They seem quite high still, just worried that they are never gonna come down. Have been wearing a band... READ MORE

Bottoming out Or Inferior Lateral Migration of the Implant? (photo)

I am 5 weeks after breast augumentation with 325cc submuscular smooth round HP silicone implants. I have a weird feeling in my left breast like is... READ MORE

My Breast Are Not Even and my Nipples Are Not Centered. 6 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I'm 6 weeks post op today. I had 325 cc smooth round silicone on my left breast and 375cc on my right. I wanted to know if my breast will change more... READ MORE

Bottoming Out/double Bubble. Is It Something I Did or the PS Did to Cause Issue?

Had Bilat.Breast Aug. w/ smooth round silicone Natrelle 20-400cc implants, w/ bilat. crescent lift. Now 7 mo. post op, noticed bottoming out bilat.... READ MORE

Breasts Have Not Dropped at 2 Months Post Augmentation? (photo)

I originally was a size 34b-36a and recently underwent a breast augmentation in April. My surgeon inserted the Mentor smooth round moderate plus... READ MORE

Asymmetry Problems at 6 Months, Post-op? (photo)

Hello! I am almost 7 months post-op (silicone, 350 smooth round) and am wondering if I should be concerned with asymmetry at this point. I notice that... READ MORE

Will a Revision Be Beneficial for BA Asymmetry One Year Post-op? (Photos)

I had subpectoral augmentation on 7-3-12. I was barely 32A now 34D. I got memgel smooth rd mod+ (375 R and 400 L). I have my 1 year post-op on Mon but... READ MORE

Smooth round moderate profile saline 425cc implant give me a D or C? (photo)

So far i love the results of my breast but im a little worried i might have went to small. I am 5'7 130 pounds Athletic body. I was A34 before or... READ MORE

Do I have early signs of encapsulation? (photo)

Flat to 465cc Sientra: round, smooth, submuscular, via areola. I feel firmness on the outer side part of my left breast. When I press and run my... READ MORE

Is it normal that my surgeon used a Mentor implant in one of my breasts and Sientra in the other? (Photo)

I had breast surgery 7 days ago. My surgeon said he used Mentor 375cc in my left breast and Sientra 405cc in my right breast, both Round Smooth High... READ MORE

Would revision surgery help this huge gap between my breasts? (Photo)

1 yr post op subpec BA Mentor smooth round high profile gel implants - 225 ml on one side and 250 on the other. My surgeon told me that he could re-do... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel like my breasts are going to fall after removing foam tape 5 days post op? (photo)

I see my PS in 2 days for 1st postop visit (day 7). He wanted me to wait until that morning to remove the foam tape but I removed it tonight bc it's... READ MORE

How would you deal with supernumerary nipple/breast tissue & muscle distortion after BA & how long until I can fix it? (photo)

BA 3 weeks ago, 290cc, round smooth HP (Natrelle Inspira) behind the muscle, lowering of crease in one breast. Preop I had a supernumerary nipple and... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and 105-110 lbs. Would 475-520cc work for me? And do I need a lift? My right breast is smaller than my left one.

The first 4 pictures are my breasts, I find them very unattractive. :( The other pictures are my wish pics. I would like my implants to be as be as my... READ MORE

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