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Wearing a Compression Band for 6 Months After Breast Augmentation?

After surgery the doctor told me to wear something like compression band above my breast constantly for no less than 6 month… Isn’t it... READ MORE

Anatomical Vs. Round for a Protruding Chest Wall? Opinions?

5'5, 127. Tubular breast issue on the right. Also a protruding chest wall. I am a 34A now and am looking for a more full look but not very large.... READ MORE

I Feel Like my 450cc Implants Are Too Large (D Cup). What are the Risks of Going Smaller?

I had my breast augmentation 3 years ago and was VERY specific that I did not want to be too large (I am 5'5" and 115). The implant size I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations in LA - Breast Augmentation with Cohesive Silicone Gel via Endoscopic Transaxillary?

I'm a Asian/5'4"/105 lbs/full A cup(almost no saggy), would like to have dual plane breast aumentation through the armpits to full C cup,... READ MORE

Textured Vs Smooth Under Muscle - Does It Help with Gravity?

Read that textured may help with gravity, that is that the textured vs smooth may help the implant stay in place hence less need for a lift in the... READ MORE

380 Filled to 400 (12.5width) OR 450 Filled for 475 (13 Width)?

I am stuck! Im getting Breast Aug in about 2 weeks! My doctor says that I have 2 choices: 380 filled to 400 OR 450 filled to 475! I am 5'2 and 140... READ MORE

Can a 510-540 Smooth Saline Implant Be Inflated to 720cc?

I had my breast augmentaion a week ago. i had old ones removed my origanal implant was suppose to be 400cc. i ordered 510 -540 ccs. my goal was to... READ MORE

Normal to Have Muscle Tremors 2 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation done through my armpit using mentor smooth saline 375 cc placed under my muscle about 2 years ago. When I try to use my... READ MORE

Textured or Smooth for Asian Known to Keloid and Scar Easily?

I am a 30 yr old asian, 5' , 86 lbs. 32aa going to a c. My dr. recommended 300 cc , silicone and textured, under the muscle. I know that I keloid... READ MORE

One Breast Way Fuller than the Other?

Had BA on Oct16,12.Notice one breast is way fuller and higher than the other.The left breast has a loose and is not quiet as fuller than the right.Had... READ MORE

Textured or smooth, is there a difference when sub-muscular?

Hi,IHaveGotVeryLittleFat,VLittleSkin,VLittleBrstTissue on my chest, but, I want to achieve full, as natural as possible looking breasts. I wanted to... READ MORE

Intrigued by subfascial breast augmentation. Can you answer my questions?

From what I gathered online is that through this approach, a shaped and textured implant is mostly used. Can a smooth round implant be used? Can this... READ MORE

Why do I have significant rippling in cleavage area with silicone implants?

I have small, round, low profile, textured silicone implants placed in dual plane. I am thin with very little native breast tissue. I am about 2... READ MORE

Indentation (?) 6 Months After Breast Lift & Augmentation....will It Ever Smooth Out?

I have an indentation on my breast after a breast lift and augmentation. My doctor assures me that it will smooth out but it's already been eight... READ MORE

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