Smoking Cessation + Breast Augmentation

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Can I Smoke Pot a Week Before Breast Augmentation?

Or eat it? I am a regular consumer of marijuana and don't want to take a break, but can if I have to for safety with general anesthesia. How much... READ MORE

Super Nervous for Breast Augmentation, Please Help Me?

I am really nervous about my Breast Augmentation surgery. It is scheduled for December 19, 2012. I've been smoking marijuana everyday now for about... READ MORE

Worried Skin is Too Tight, Breast Are Set Too Wide, Worried Will Develop Necrosis Due to Tightness and Previous Smoking? (photo)

Had my anchor lift and aug 8/30/13 Saline implants, high profile. mild smkr pre surgery. Quit smking 7 wks pre op. otherwise healthy. Not smoked after... READ MORE

Im Going for a Breast Augmentation in 7days and I Havent Stopped Smoking?

Breast Augmentation as a smoker,only down to 2 cigarettes a day. Can i proceed with surgery or what should i do? READ MORE

Is it true that I can get bad results if I choose saline through the pit? And must I quit smoking? (Photo)

I had my 1st consultation yesterday after wanting a ba for years.I cried the entire way home.Everything I wanted the ps shot down.She appeared to hate... READ MORE

Quit smoking today before breast reduction surgery, what else can I do to keep my nipples from falling off?

I'm having breast reduction surgery in the next 4 to 6 week and I'm am so afraid after reading about nipple loss. What are some other things I can do... READ MORE

Been Offered a Last Minute Breast Enlargement Operation. is It Too Late to Quit Smoking?

I was booked in for my operation for breast enlargement in one month so was cutting down and planned to completely quit 3weeks before surgery as... READ MORE

If I have to quit cigarettes to get breast implants can I still smoke electronic cigarettes? (Photo)

Hi my is sabreen im getting breast implants is quitting cigarettes same thing as quitting electronic cigarettes or do I have to quit both before... READ MORE

Why do BL+BA Patients have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery?

I am a smoker, and have been for about 6 years. I used to smoke 2 packs a day about a year ago...then slowly cut down to one...and finally to about 3... READ MORE

Am I okay for surgery?

A little short of 4 weeks ago I went from e cigarettes with nicotine in them to e cigarettes with no nicotine in them. Then 2 weeks ago I quit the no... READ MORE

I didn't know I needed to give up smoking before breast surgery. Should I reschedule?

I did not know i needed to quit smoking prior to cosmetic surgery because 5 years ago I had already quit. I am scheduled in 11 days for repeat breast... READ MORE

Quiting smoking for BA. Can I still use Nicorette gum or the fake smoke with nicotine in them?

My surgery is in November so in September im going to quit just wanted to know if I could use Nicorette gum or the fake smoke with nicotine in it. Or... READ MORE

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