Smoking + Breast Augmentation

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Effects of Smoking on Breast Augmentation Results?

What happens if you still smoke before Breast augmentation? What are the effects on the outcome of the breasts and can I ever smoke again? I've... READ MORE

Smoking Only 2-3 a Day, Can It Affect Your Healing Process So Bad?

Im going for a breast lift and tummy tuck and fix of inverted nipples.... I'll be going the 13th of July. I'm a social smoker, I'm... READ MORE

Smoking Before Breast Augmentation Lead to Major Complications?

Hello, im having Breast Augmentation on Tuesday, November 17, 2009. I have smoked 10 cigarettes during the 2-week period, 4 in the past 6 days.... READ MORE

Smoked Two Cigarettes 48 Hours Before BA Surgery is that OK?

Hi! My BA surgery is on Friday at 9AM...48 hours essentially. I am not an occasional smoker but today I smoked two cigarettes and also three... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Past a Nicotine Unine Test & Have a Safe Breast Agumentation & Lift

My dr requires 4 weeks smoke free before having a breast lift. I would have been exactly that had I not smoked about 10 cigarettes after recieving... READ MORE

Smoking Electronic Cigarette Ok After Breast Aug/lift?

I know i cant smoke but can i smoke a electronic cigarette READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Taking Cocaine After a Breast Augmentation?

Yes I know I will be judged for using the drug in the first place but it is a social thing and i please i just need some advice, I have recently had a... READ MORE

Can I Smoke Pot a Week Before Breast Augmentation?

Or eat it? I am a regular consumer of marijuana and don't want to take a break, but can if I have to for safety with general anesthesia. How much... READ MORE

I Had my BA Done 2 Weeks Ago. And I Have Started to Smoke a Few Days Ago.Will It Cause Capsular Contracture?

Btw, my breast still swelling so I can't see the different if it is CC or swollen still. I will stop smoking now and start to do more massaging.... READ MORE

How will my doctor know if I smoked cigarettes before surgery?

Today is Monday and my BA is on Wednesday. I have been doing my absolute best to cut down on smoking and I am still very nervous that they may... READ MORE

Do I Need to Reschedule Breast Augmentation and Chin Lipo if I've Smoked a Cigarette?

I had a few drags on a cigarette last night and have breast augmentation and chin lipo scheduled on Wednesday, should I reschedule? I have been 100%... READ MORE

Smoking and Scheduled for BA and BL 5/22/12. Am I Safe?

I will only have 11 days smoke free. I need to reschedule right??? I am so mad at myself, I could scream!!! I also have factor 5 leiden and... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

My age is 28 I always plan to take up with breast surgery, but I am scared with the complication, if it become unsuccessfull, or after 10 yrs or any... READ MORE

Is This Normal? What Do I Do if my Plastic Surgeon Won't Help Me? (photo)

I am 38 years old and undergone a breast augmentation (due to back problems) on January 15, 2012. The next day my left breast had split open about the... READ MORE

I Did Cocaine for 1st Time and Smoked Some Cigerettes and my Breast Augmentation is 6days Away-should I Reschedule my Surgery?

Please help , my BA is scheduled for 6 days away and stupidley i was at a party 3 days ago and did some cocaine and smoked cigerattes -i am so annoyed... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous or just under developed? (photos)

I'm a 21 year old female who began menses at 10 years old. I began smoking that same year followed by substance abuse and an eating disorder. I am... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Augmentation and my Stitches Are Infected is This Only Because I Started Smoking Again?

I had A breast augmentation and my white strips ripped before they were ready and caused a small opening it became infected my doctor said that if... READ MORE

Smoking Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

I am scheduled for breast implant surgery on July 14th, I quit smoking on June 29th and it is so hard so I did smoke 1 cigarette on july 4th and none... READ MORE

Smoking before/after surgery?

I stopped smoking cigarettes a couple of months ago and have a vaporiser (e-cig) instead now. I have gradually been using liquids with lower and lower... READ MORE

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